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I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. I knew that after weeks of being responsible, saving money, and not going out I would eventually snap and go on an all out, throwing money all over town drinking and eating bender. Friday was when Responsible Mir checked out and careless Mir with a debit card started calling the shots.  After work it was such a sunny day I didn’t want to go lock myself up in the gym, I wanted to go out, preferably to Happy Hour. Raye and I went to Charlie’s (horay for cheese sticks) and Cathy joined us. In conversation we talked about old drunken memories and lamented the fact that all three of us have been kind of no-fun-pants home bodies as of late. So we ordered another round of drinks and cheersed to doing something stupid that night. After happy hour we went over to Café Metropolitan and ordered stronger drinaks than what we were having for diner. I don't recall which Manhattan I was on when the night disappeared for me. However I’ll go as far as to say that the last thing I remember was at that bar with the girls.


The next morning I woke up in my bed and after a brief “where the fuck are my glasses?” moment, I went into the living room where Cathy had obviously crashed and had since left. There were grocery bags strewn about the apartment. Apparently I decided to go to Safeway at one point and purchased 3 bottles of wine, a gallon of milk, coffee in a can, breakfast sausage and a chocolate lava cake. Oh dear. At least I had hangover food for the day. Raye, apparently didn’t come to the grocery store with us but she walked home and somehow ended up on 18th & Cherry, not sure how she managed to overshoot the apartment. Cathy, apparently couldn’t find her keys and went back to Safeway demanding to be let in after they were closed to look for her keys. They were not there and she returned to our apartment. (I don’t know why I’m such a jerk I didn’t go with her.) The keys were found in our bathroom sink the next morning. So mission accomplished. We managed to drink ourselves so silly we had a story. Not much of one. No selling of broken umbrellas to strangers on the street, or scaring cripples, but a story none the less. Most importantly, we all made it home safe. I, however dread to see what I spent that night I remember my total at Chralie’s but I have no idea what I threw down at the Metropolitan or at Safeway. Eek. I guess sometimes you just gotta cut loose and be young and dumb.


Saturday I didn’t do very much. I had reserved Samuel for the evening but there was no way I was going out after the night before, besides I had three bottles of wine to drink, apparently. I lied in bed, watching telly, nursing my hangover for most of the day. I got completely sucked into Race to Dakar and watched the whole series. That’s where Charlie Boorman (Ewan’s BFF who did the Long Way Round/Down with him) tries the Race to Dakar and everything goes wrong. I was totally engrossed, I couldn’t stop watching it. Samuel eventually came over and I got to drinking my wine and catching up. It’s ridiculous how little I’ve seen of him lately and there was so much to talk about. We also got into our literary discussions, of course, as well. I so totally adore my gay boy.


Sunday, after a bout with a horrid sinus headache in which I had to squeeze my head for an hour whilst waiting for the drugs to kick in, the tile guys showed up. Our landlord sold the building and although rent is probably going to go up for us, at least some shit might actually get fixed. The tiles in our shower have been falling off the wall since...well since at least around the time I moved in. It was finally getting fixed. So I got out of bed to find a fucking adorable/hot couldn’t be a day over 19 day worker in my bathroom. He was fucking precious. In my mind there were lots of interesting alternatives to how my day could have played out, however I left the apartment got picked up to go to my parent’s house and did my taxes. I’m getting money back, woo-hoo! However, Responsible Mir has returned and all money I get back will be going on the credit card to pay off the flight/hotel for London. Maybe Irresponsible Mir could talk Responsible Mir into buying a little something for herself, some Mighty Boosh perhaps but Responsible Mir is pretty hell bent on putting things back on track, paying off debt and saving for London fun time.

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