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The book that The Girls™ are writing is at a daunting stage. Now that we have a rough draft, the easy part is done. I guess my professors were right when they said that anybody can say they write fewer people actually can, even fewer people can actually finish something and only the few that get through to being published are really “writers.” We’re focusing now on writing our book proposal, which is a totally new experience for us. We have market research to do. We need to write professionally and yet have it gripping enough to really sell it. Oy vey! It’s such an intimidating task, but I’m proud of our product and I really want to get it published and make this happen. I should consider myself lucky that my first experience with this sort of thing is in a partnership where I have some help and three other people to ride my ass and not let it slip through the cracks.


I wrote a story for a (web) comic collaboration with Ryan a week or two ago. He approached me about writing a story/comic script which he would draw and I took on the assignment. I gave myself a two week deadline, and the first week was hell trying to come up with an idea. I am the queen of coming up with premises (and more often than not, unfortunately not following through with them) but brevity has never been my forte. Many of the premises I was concocting would take far too long to sort out for that medium, and the other premises I thought of were terribly cliché. I got really down on myself on account of it. The second week I took a different approach and I took an idea that I knew had been done before, but I decided to do it in a way that was my own. I mean people do that all the time, ideas are used over and over again, it’s the way that it’s done that makes it unique. It wasn’t the story I eventually submitted to Ryan but it got me out of the funk and the idea for the story that I did submit came to mind on my walk the very next day. I actually let myself get hit by inspiration on my walk instead of trying to force inspiration between work and the sculpture park and spending the walk from Broad Street on focusing on what shit I am. I got home, wrote my new script and Ryan liked it. I can’t wait to see it when he finishes it. He liked it enough to leave out an open invitation for me to write another in my own time.


As for my own writing, I had been so stuck for the better part of the beginning of this year. Again, it was getting me down. I had a premise (well I always have those in abundance) for a kinda chick-lit story. I’ve mostly been laboring on carefully plotting and planning that out, more so than anything else. I think as I get older I’m getting more meticulous about that and doing less writing bare-assed and blind (unless I’m hit by a particular whim to write something that moment.) I guess I’m trying to be more professional and make the best use of the little time I have to spend on my own writing.


So, one might ask, why the hands in so many pies? I think the most fair and full answer would be a fifty, fifty split of experimentation and desperation.


When I say desperation, I guess it’s the realization of how quickly time has been passing lately. When I was a starry-eyed teenager I was so certain that I was going to be somebody by now, which I know is a ridiculous expectation to attain for 99% of the population. The difference is as time goes by I want to be able to measure how much I tried at least. In the time since graduating from Seattle U my level of honest work in this area hasn’t been as much as I’d care to admit. Between, the Girls™ writing a book and my fancy on grad school in London over the past year, my level of effort to attain my long loved ambition is the highest it’s been since 2005, granted, but it is still not enough. It’s so easy, I’ve learned, to get so wrapped up in friends, bars, work, commitments, bills, errands and all the shit that just lets time slip away. I figure if I open myself up to trying different things, really I’m just increasing the odds of me actually succeeding in one of these projects. Evey hand in a pie there lies the possibility that that particular pie could be the one to justify and validate that $100,000 education of mine.*


Besides, creatively I want to try different things. I figure the more I branch out the more likely I am to find the marketable Mir voice to be published (hence trying all these different mediums, non-fiction, comic etc.) For my own writing too, I want to branch out of the strict literary fiction and be less of a snob about some generas. That’s why I took on a story premise I thought of, knowing it would fall into “chick lit.” Two or three years ago I would have scoffed at the idea, however, while I was researching Grad Schools in London, I read a couple of books by some could-be-professors that fell under the category of “chick-lit” that were neither preachy, romantic, or vapid. It’s a valid genera, and it’s publishable. I guess the “aha” moment was when I realized that I could use my version of the genera. I don’t have to write characters that are overly materialistic, fashion-obsessed, social climbers, as I keep seeing on all the shelves of Barnes & Noble and have always turned me off to the genera (like “the Devil Wears Prada” and the like) I can write female characters that are more true to the kind of women I know in my life. That’s just one example. I want to try lots of different things. Actually after I saw “Paris J’taime” I thought of maybe giving myself and exercise in which I would take a different neighborhood of Seattle and place a certain type of story there. Something along the lines of “period piece set in Pioneer Square” or “Science fiction set in Greenwood.” I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, I haven’t figured out if I’ll do a pick couples out of a hat or think it out first. It would be for practice and a lark, but you never know, it might get good ideas going too. Finally, I want to learn how to write funny. I'm funny in person, I love comedy, but for the life of me I can't figure out how the hell to write funny. I'm focusing on reading more humor writing at the moment. I've recently got all all the humor essays ever published in the New Yorker to learn from and I'm currently devouring PG Woodhouse. Maybe with enough reading and some more confidance the funny Mir could show up on the page.


Wow. That was a long-ass blog. I obviously have been thinking about this stuff for a while and just wanted to get it all out. *sigh of relief* Of course, you could argue that it would have been more productive to actually use that time really writing but, ya know, whatevs. Print media is dying they say, viva la blog!



*Edit: all that money and reading over this blog I realise I'm still just putting commas all over the place. WTF? (There I said it. Ha ha. Better me than you. And I'm not going to bother to fix it right now. HA!)


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