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So I got it in my head that it would be awesome to get a tattoo in Camden while I’m in London. I’ve never gotten a tattoo on my travels, though I’ve wanted to. Raye and I almost did when we were in Hawaii, but it didn’t happen, and my Kasmir Melvich black square tat is a sort of tribute to my time in Paris. Anyway, I thought about what I would want to even get as a tattoo in London, and one thought lead to another and I ended up on “42” (the answer to the meaning of life the universe and everything). It’s a round-about tribute to my love of British humor (Hitchhikers Guide being partially where it all started for me in elementary school). Super neardy I know. Then, for whatever reason, I started envisioning the style as a kind of an Art Neuveau look to it. I know there’s no connection between the two, maybe it’s because the tat on my wrist was supposed to look more Art Neuveau than it turned out. Besides, I like that there’s no logical connection between the two, that just seems very Mir to me. Plus the irony that this English Lit girl will have a number tattooed on her arm. Anyway in trying to keep my mind off the more stressful and depressing shit going on in life and focusing on my exciting trip ahead I started messing around on the computer today at lunch and came up with a design.


It needs a little cleaning up, ( better center the bottom bit and i'm not sure why the bottom bit is al fuzzy...luckily it doesn't print that way) but I’m very excited about it. I don’t know which is more neardy, the 42 or the fact that I designed it essentially with clip-art. I’m excited. I wonder if I can wait until November to get it. I wonder how many pounds this will set me back?


In Other News...

I’m crazy busy for the next 2 weeks. My little planner is totally full until April 11th! I’m bartending all weekend this week. I’m also going to be a zombie in my dad’s video project for Dexter & Chainey (very exciting). I’ve got a lot going on, luckily some of that is fun stuff like shows and the like. But still...oh well keeps my mind off of other stuff.


My aunt is getting remarried in September. This is an opportune occasion to go to visit the family in Colorado. (I keep fearing that if I don’t go back soon, the next occasion will likely be a funeral). I’d be looking at around Labor Day weekend to go, but I couldn’t stay for the wedding because that’s the same day as portrait day at work (the most stressful day of the year and I can not abandon Marna on that day). At least I’d get out there see the family. I’m glad I’m finally getting around to visiting, I’ve been meaning to for a while and the guilt has just been layering on with every passing 6 months or so.  

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