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The 20 Minueters

I bartended at the theatre all three days this weekend so I was pretty busy. Luckily the houses have been better and I made some tips. Friday after the show I went home and drank and hung out with Raye and Ryan. I cut loose pretty majorly which was nice as I had had a completely dry and very busy week. The next day, the three of us, hungover as all get out, all went up to Lake City and appeared in the zombie video my dad’s been commissioned to do this year. There was a lot of waiting around to do but on the whole it was good times. We had to dress business-like for the shoot and I didn’t get to be made up into a zombie because I had to go straight to the theatre afterwards to bartend. I get to be made up all Zombiefied on Wednesday though, and get to gnaw on a leg, which will be fun. Anyway got home from the theatre on Saturday night, Dorothy and Seana were over, but I wasn’t the best hostess in the world. I kind of carried on the evening as I had planned, in bed watching my Netflix (Flight of the Concords) until I passed out. The next day was the day with the rents, which was my one lazy day. In the tradition we’ve had for a while of sitting around and watching British comedy, I introduced them to The Mighty Boosh. Some bit were too much for my mum, and there’s definitely a generational gap when it comes to the subculture references but still they asked to borrow it to finish watching the rest of the episodes we didn’t get to (which I was reluctant to do). The IT Crowd is more traditional sitcom and will probably go over better when I take that over next week. I just got it today, very excited! Guess what Mir’s going to watching at the gym in about 20 minutes?

I was going to write a much better blog, I thought, but alas, today was payroll and I’ve been busy all day. By the time I got to this, my heart wasn’t in it and my mind wasn’t focused. Spent an hour on the phone w/ tech support because apparently it isn’t a payroll without having to call tech support it would seem. Have you ever noticed that hold music is trapped in the ‘80’s? That was a painful 20 minutes.


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