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Random Panda

This is where I would be writing a propper LJ post about shit going on but I'm at the coffee shop, only here for a half hour and only to LJ becasue I have some time left on said half hour. So instead here's some random stuff...
-my retail therepy keeps being put on hold. I did a bit of browsing for a purse, but stopped myself before buying one at Macy's for $80! I am however walking to Fred Myer in Ballard when I leave this cafe. Gonna get me some shoes! I can't put if off any longer, there's holes at the bottom of my cons at the moment.
- I keep findng new staples to keep in the fridge. First it was fetta (years ago, a fridge w/out fetta is no good) then last month it was a jar of sun dried tomatoes. (It's amazing how some sun dried tomatoes can zest up a meal) This week it is goat cheese. OMG I've liked goat cheese for a long time but it's only 2.46 at Trader Joes! It makes everything better!!) Artichoke hearts might be added but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to put them in (apart from that awesome pizza I made)
-Mir's new hangover recipe: Trader Joes white cheeder mac'n'cheese. Add fetta, greek seasoning and GOAT CHEESE. Fucking Fantastic! (might add artichoke hearts next time as an experiment)
-Yesterday was a lovely day. Took a walk along lake Washington for a change. The mountian was out in full force. Georgous. Days like that make me want to never leave this beautiful city of mine.
-Pretty sure I'm going out tonight, like propperly getting dressed up like a fucking trollop and going to the Merc. I guess I don't care the cost. I need to veer off this depression with something other than The MIghty Boosh (I was going to say booze but...booze will be involved at the Merc)

Okay...gotta run! New shoes await!! SHOES!!!

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