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Five years of pathetic addiction...

Today is the five year anniversary of opening my LJ account, thus starting my addiction to blogging about the stilly events of my life. *cheers!*

Good news! Last night at the brief book meeting, Cathy informed The Girls that she got into the UW Grad School library sciences program. She doesn’t have to move to the East Coast after all! We get to keep a Cathy and she gets to go to her dream program! EEK! This is splendid and very welcomed good news (especially after what a downer last week was). After the meeting we (Cathy, Raye and I) toasted to the occasion at the Rosebud, Cathy and me with Margaritas on account of it being Cinco de Mayo and all. Then we went to the new taco place where the KFC used to be and omigod, it’s pretty fucking awesome. The Hill was in need of a good quick Mexican joint (I mean the place across the street from the Dunnes was pretty good, but too far away from my apartment IMHO).

Think things are looking up...now I need to light a fire under my ass re: grad school admissions. EEK.

I'm awesome and totally timed my trip to London just right. I checked back at my dream schools website and I'm totally going to be in London in the week they're having their open day. Sweet!! Go Team Mir!


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May. 6th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
You should tell Cathy to get in touch with me if she needs a library related job while in school. We may have a part-time graduate library student position opening up here in Summer or Fall, I think our current one is graduating.
May. 6th, 2009 06:54 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I'll totally pass that on. She'll be looking for work in September actually and I'm sure she'd rather work in a library environment than anywhere else. I'll put her in touch with you. Thanks!
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