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Friday- The night had finally come for Samuel and me to go to the opera together again! It was my x-mas present to him for us to go see The Marriage of Figaro and I’ve been looking forward to it since December. Cathy got tickets fro the same night too but she sat on the main floor whereas we sat in the balcony (okay so I’m a cheap bastard, whatever.) Samuel and I went out for nibblies, margaritas & shots of patron (my gay boy was buying) at Peso’s before hand then went to the opera. It was fantastic! The libretto is a just a zany sex comedy set to opera, and I loved it. Then at the end, the song where the count (whose been a big douche the whole time) gets on his knees and asks his wife for forgiveness, the music is so beautiful I held on to Samuel’s hand and was moved to tears. After the opera, the three of us went out for more tequila drinks down at Hula Hula. Leave it me & my friends to turn a sophisticated evening at the opera into a night of debauchery involving copious amounts of tequila and a last minute run to a convenient store before 2am for after hours provisions before returning to the Hill.

Saturday- Was a lovely day that I intended not to waste, however I was lazy enough to not really want to leave the apartment. I tried to hang out outside, smoking and sipping on the Stella that Samuel left in my fridge. However, it wasn’t long after I got set up and comfortable with my laptop on the deck that my peace was invaded by a bee that would not leave me alone and I was chased back inside. Saturday night I had to bartend at the theatre. The new development there is that there’s a new fella working there who I think is super cute. That of course means that I’m incapable of being able to talk to him without stammering, mishearing him and responding with seemingly random nonsequitors, and generally making a ass out of myself. Ya know, the usual. Also, it would seem that there would be so much competition between both a) the far more attractive, feisty girls that work there to catch his eyes and b) the other single, more awkward girls who also fancy him competing to catch his eye. I’m not trying to sound self-deprecating, I think I’d fall somewhere in the middle of the two types of competition. So I figure I’m just going to play it cool, hang back but be friendly, do my job serving drinks and not actively persue. (I’m learning my lesson from last summer’s John at work situation). In the meantime, I can enjoy the new scenery.

Sunday- I walked down the to Sculpture Park to meet with Raye and Cathy, where we had a coffee and wandered around the park a bit. The Sound and the Olympic Mountains were so beautiful, so crisp and bright, that I stood there a moment and though to myself "and you want to move to London why, exactly?" But only for a moment, of course. When it came time to part ways, I went the opposite direction and walked to Magnolia to visit the rents. It was a laid back Mother’s day though I did kind of a half assed job with the gifts. There wasn’t anything between the sculpture park and my parents house for me to get anything, so I had to have my dad take me to the QFC to get roses, some chocolate and a gift card. I feel like a shitty daughter for not putting much forethought into it. We had a lovely lunch though at the pub down the street from their house and that was rather nice.

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