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Reading, Writing & Arithmatic

Reading Log 2009...

Long Way Down by Nick Hornby
Carry on Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse
The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell

Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeny’s Humor Category
Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry

 I haven’t finished the Stephen Fry book officially yet but I only have about 35 pages left that I’m sure to finish at the theatre tonight or, at the latest, tomorrow morning. This will be the last “book for pleasure” reading for a little while because I’m switching back into Grad School perusal mode. I’ve got three books that I found by two of my could-be-professors at my dream school which I need to read and take notes on, see what I want to learn from them.  May I say for the record how much I love Amazon Marketplace? I found all these books, some more obscure than others, for like one penny to two dollars and mostly just had to pay for the shipping.  Plus, I love looking forward to receiving things in the mail at work. It makes me feel important. In fact, I think there’s a parcel down there for me right now, actually.

 So between Cathy’s success getting into the UW and taking that next step and my upcoming trip to London (5 and a half months!) I’m getting more focused on the grad school stuff.

I think the extra year was necessary. In working on my essay I’m much more clear this time around about what it is I want and why I want it. Last year Dr. Cumberland grilled me with these “why?” and “what?” questions and I drew a blank. Why there, because it’s a dream of mine to live there for a while. Why grad school? Because I’ve long assumed I would take my education as far as a MA and I’d like to move on to that now, and the subject involved is the only one I’m really passionate about. Both are not good enough answers to get in, really. In the past year, however, the girls and I have finished a draft of our book. We’ve researched our next steps in the effort to sell our idea, wrote a book proposal, query letter, etc. We’ve been taking it very seriously and have been dedicated but I can’t help but feel like, despite our efforts, we’re probably doing this bare assed and blind compared to proper professionals. That alone offers a new reason of motivation to me. Also, I’ve been making a conscious effort to learn where I can. Note the reading list I’ve done in 2009. I got a bug up my butt about wanting to “learn how to write funny” so I’ve been reading humorous writers and trying to absorb what I can for my own writing. Anyway, didn’t mean to drag on there, long story short, I’m feeling much more focused, certain and confident this time around.


Speaking of higher education I’ve a question. I went to pay one of my student loans today, the big one of the two, the private one, and for some reason the minimum payment was half of what it normally is. WTF? It freaked me out because it’s been the same amount since, well since six months after I graduated.  Is this similar to the credit cards upping their interest rates on customers? (I’ve noticed that on that statement too, goddamn it I’ve got to pay that bugger off.) Is this a making me pay less so I’m paying more interest in the long run kind of scheme or is this a relieving people of high minimum payments in times of recession? Was there anything about this in the news I missed or did I just accidently push the “I can not afford this payment” button at one point? What’s going on? Why am I using this forum to ask this question and just call customer service? It’s kind of a relief this month because the various bills’ due dates and my various pay days were so not in the right alignment (it’s like the planets and the moons!) so it helps as far as the rest of May is concerned. However, if I can otherwise afford it I’d rather pay what I’ve been paying and budgeting for, if nothing else, in fear of this lower rate biting me in the ass in the long run.


Sorry that was such a boring blog...I’d say I’d get into some mischief over the weekend to have something more exciting to report than books, application essays and debt to write about but I’m actually having a pretty uneventful weekend of bartending and book meetings.  At least the sun is shining. :)


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