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I don’t know what was wrong with me. I guess just a mild form of depression. I was in one of those moods where I was crazy indecisive. I didn’t really have any set plans for my evening, and nothing sounded like the thing I really wanted to do. In times like that I usually find myself incapable of making a decision for myself and usually just leave destiny in the hands of the fates. The fates that night dealt me drinking and hanging out in the apartment with Raye and Ryan. I really should have been working on grad school stuff but it was Friday night, ya know.



Saturday I slept in to 1:30 in the afternoon, still feeling kinds down. Raye got me up and we walked over to Virginia Mason to visit [info]jadens_world in the hospital. It was a quick visit but it was good to see that despite the pain and the drugs he’s still same old Jaden “pizza and beer when I get out of here.” Silly. It was also neat to meet his mum, where you can see where the sass comes from.

That afternoon, we had plans to go to Bat’n’Rouge, the Dykes vs. Drag Queens softball game a Cal Anders. It was one of those things that make me love my neighborhood so very much. The sun was out. The park was bustling with people. It was a really good turn out of hipsters, gay boys, dykes, the whole lot walking their dogs, eating ice cream and watching the game which was far more style over substance. We ran into our neighbors Jeff and Lisa on the way and we sat in the outfield with them and Dorothy & Seanna, Ryan, Samuel and David (and at one point Pierre and Sean), Meegan and eventually Chris met us with his not-a-puppy-anymore dog, Paco. I got irritated that I didn’t wear a hat and I couldn’t see the game at all. Of course when I broke down and went back to the apartment to fetch a hat, a big grey cloud came along when I got back. That’s always the case, huh? The crowed thinned out around seven thirty. We had long lost Samuel and David to the Purr for drinks. Oh yeah, get this, the game was a sober event. It was a benefit for SNAP (Sober Now And Proud) and though my initial plan was to have doctored up slurpees, when Dorothy told me what the benefit was for I would feel like a right arsehole if I proceeded with my drinking plan. So get this, I had sober fun time. Nice.

After the game Raye and I were hosting an impromptu get together for Samuels birthday (Monday) and Seanna’s birthday (Sunday). At first I was annoyed that people were flaking on us and for a while it was just Samuel, David, Dorothy, Seanna, Raye and myself. Eventually we had more guests. Then the neighbors came over as well and the apartment looked right crowded. Thank goodness, too our food was eaten. It was a modest offering compared to game night, but Samuel and David brought extra yummies and there was a Red Velvet cake for the birthday kids. Oh god shots went on as well and at the end of the night all but about five of our shot glasses were scattered about the apartment (we have a whole shelf of shot glasses, understand).

By the end of the night, I was really pleased with how our get together turned out. Sam seemed to appreciate the birthday lovin’ and Seanna really seemed to enjoy it as well (they got flag day tortes as special Flag Day baby treats.) Unfortunately as I was reflecting on my party, drunk and doing dishes at two in the morning, I accidently dropped the knife used for cutting cake and in that panic moment instead of pulling away I jumped to grab it and stabbed myself pretty deep into my right ring finger. Ow.



Raye tended to my wound properly and we chit chatted a little while before my dad picked me up. We went to Costco and I got a much needed external hard drive for my lap top. Now not only is my writing, the girls’ bock and all my photos backed up, but I totally have room for more music. Sweet!


All right that’s more than enough for now.


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