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Quick post

Been a busy week...


Monday- Baked 3 batches of cookies for the parent appreciation dinner at work. 1 batch chocolate chips, 1 batch white chocolate chips, 1 batch butterscotch chips. Took about 4 hours, it’s a good thing I had the forethought to buy a second cookie sheet or it would’ve taken me forever. Never had to bake for 50 people before, so wasn’t sure what the appropriate amount is. What I learned: Never bake more than you can carry. Getting all those cookies down the hill Wed. morning was a bitch. Then, even though I signed up to do the desert, the cook decided to be a bitch and bring cheesecake and (you guess it) more cookies. I was pissed. This is why you announce what you’re bringing so other people don’t bust ass in vain.


Tuesday-Ran some errands & walked to Columbia City for a mini Tablet reunion. Got there really early hung around the park by the library for a while reading. Even though my volunteering time is over there I didn’t want to smoke near the library so kept wandering off to smoke. Eventually went to Lotties about ½ hour early for a drinky-poo with my book, talked to Josh a little. Dan, Brittney, Cari, Sarah, and Karla all showed up and shot the shit, getting caught up and what not. I was so happy. :)


Wednesday – In between work and hitting up the Parent appreciation dinner I went to the gym for about an hour and a half. Watched a two part episode of Dr. Who on the elliptical machine. I don’t care what a dork I may look like watching my Dr. Who at the gym, it totally takes my mind off the torture I’m putting myself through for an hour and a half.  However, I get really emotionally invested into that show so when they pull the heart-strings it gets to me and it IS embarrassing to be seen crying on the elliptical machine. Doesn’t matter what I’m watching (happened with Kingdom season 2 finale as well) it just seems...weird.

Speaking of the gym...I'm off.

*EDIT* Oh yeah and my snow leopard at the zoo totaly had babies. Gotta go back and visit my adopted grand children-leopards. :P


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Jun. 21st, 2009 12:23 pm (UTC)
So you, like, adopted a whore?
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