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So this weekend I tried to be a good girl and stay in to get both writing done and grad school stuff done. I half succeeded. Friday I started writing early and passed at the invitation to go out to the Merc with Raye and friends. The apartment, however, was going to be the spot for the pre-funking before the club outting. Luckily I got started writing early and, at first was able to just pop out for a cigarette and talk to friends then retire back into my cave. That didn’t last too long and once everyone was over there--Dorothy, Seanna, Ryan, Astro, Aaron, Aubery—It was hard to not be sociable. I hung out with everyone until they all left for the club. Once everyone was gone, I took to the computer again. However, I was noticeably more fuzzy-brained than I was before the friends were over and before the alcohol started flowing. I tried to write but nothing came out. I got frustrated and then I just got really down on myself. The night turned sour for the remainder of the evening.

Saturday I was kinda hungover and just generally lazy. Raye and I watched Choke (pretty good), then some South Park. (I finally saw the Sexual Harassment Panda episode, like nine years late). Raye leaving to go to a wedding reception was my call to get to the laptop and be productive but instead I ended up watching the Mighty Boosh for a little longer than I should have (Considered it “research” as I was figuring out which episodes to show Ryan on Monday). Eventually, guilt got me to work but, afraid of the self deprecating thoughts from the night before returning, could not face the task of working on grad school app essays. Instead I worked on a writing project I’ve been working on for a couple of months and, actually, it went really well. I only wrote for about three hours or so but I got a lot done. It felt great! I think what I wrote was even funny, or amusing at least. Once I felt done I poured my drinks much stronger and went over to hang out and drink with the neighbors.

Sunday, fathers day, my dad and I stopped at Volunteer Park to check up on rehearsals for the park show that Julia is directing. It was looking good. I think it’ll be fun. My dad was supposed to be In Colorado this weekend but the car wasn’t up to the task yet. I wasn’t really expecting him to be around so I kinda blew it on the whole father’s day thing. I did however make dinner, and an awesome diner at that, which was at least something.

Kinda uneventful, not as restful as I would have hoped because this weekend will likely be out of control, what with it being Pride and all. However, finances being what they are we’ll all probably tone it down a bit this year. Oh yeah and CATHY CAME HOME FROM EUROPE LAST NIGHT YEAY!


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Jun. 24th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Very cool to have Cathy back from her European Vacation.

I'm totally bummed about Pride this year. I'll have to miss it all. Even though you all may be strapped for Pride (hahaha), I'm sure you guys will still have a blast.
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