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AHHH! I had an AWESOME weekend. I’m all glowing today and stuff, John even noticed. I can’t tell if I’m still a little tipsy or if I’m just giddy and beside myself with happiness. EEK! I’ll be pesky and start at the beginning with my weekend review.

Thursday It was “First Thursday” so museums were free and we had pans to hit up the Science Fiction Museum for the Jim Hensen exhibit. After I go t off work, it was al lnice and I didn’t feel like going to he gym so I called up Raye and we went to happy hour at McCormick’s instead. I’ve been craving oysters for a while now and it was time. Afterward, we met up with Cathy, Christine, Sarah and Aubrey at the EMP. Naturally, the Sci Fi museum and the Jim Hensen exhibit were disappointing. (Nothing from Labrynth,) Though it is kind of weird to see your muppets there, in real life, but stationary, like a taxiderimend pet. Afterwards we went over for Ladies night at Chopstix (where we haven’t been in ages). I had a blast! It was fun to be there again with the girls and Sarah,and also to introduce it to Aubrey who seemed to have fun. The other thing is that I had many drinks and the tab was not as bad as I thought it was.

Friday- Aubrey crashed on our couch after Chopstix. I made French toast for brecky and introduced her to The IT Crowd. Later in the afternoon, Cathy and I hit up the Halligan’s BBQ. I had a great time, ate, drank, played some golden tee, reminisced about Tablet a bit (glory days) and then Christine joined and I got to see her wrestle Dan in a kiddie pool. Then she wrestled Cathy right before we left. I could have easily stayed at that BBQ all evening, but I had to hit up the opening night party at the Schmee. I was on a mission. Remember the Battle of the Mirandas? I had a crush on “Jew Boy” but never got around to telling him I liked him. I was on a mission on Friday. Half a bottle tequila in me, I was determined to make it happen. I had Cathy & Christine with me as my back up, to make sure I wasn’t going to leave without talking to him. It was rough at first. It seemed like every time I walked up to talk to him he would run away. I went behind the bar with Maridee to take a shot of tequila with her and tell her about my plan, and it went on like that for a while. Before I knew it it seemed like everyone from the Schmee knew my intentions except for Mark who seemed to keep running away I kept hearing, also, that he was leaving soon. I said I know, thinking that he was sticking around for the run of this show then leaving. Finally I got him alone, in the light booth and told him I fancied him. He said he was so awkward around me because it was mutual (EEEK!) but he thought I had a boyfriend. He named the name of the guy he though I was dating (someone at the Schmee) and I didn’t even know who that guy was!! I think that was the other Miranda’s handy work, come to think of it. (Touché). Anyway, I totally succeeded, but it was too little, too late. Turns out, everyone telling me, “he’s leaving” he was leaving sooner than I thought. Like MONDAY! That bums me out but at least he fancied me back. And before you ask, no I couldn’t have sexy time immediately because I’ve fallen to the communists / am closed for maintenance this weekend. So I got digets and he left. I hung around the party for a while and went home, sad but happy at the same time. When I got home, Raye was in bed but I wasn’t done yet so I went over to the neighbors house to drink more. Ended up staying up talking to Jeff and an old lady neighbor (who I’d never met before, but totally reminded me of me awesome grandma) until five in the morning.

Saturday (the 4th) I was supposed to go to a BBQ of a friend of the neighbors. However, staying up till 5 in the morning drinking tequila and beer kinda hindered my abaility to get up before 3pm so Raye had to go without me (which I think pissed her off but there was no way I was getting out of bed until I was ready.) I had an invitation to a party at the League of Awesome (Ryan’s friends) but I decided to take up the invitation to Brad’s with my parents. Brad is Terry’s (from the Schmee) ex-husband. He has a condo on the hill with a full view of Lake Union. Free wine & mimosas, fabulous food, beautiful view, it seemed the obvious choice for my 4th. I tried to hit up the LoA party after the fireworks but it was dead at 11:30. Lame. I went home and had a crazy walk up the hill, which was like a war zone with all the explosives going off, being lit by drunks in the streets.

Sunday was my day with the ‘rents. I had the brilliant idea of drinking margaritas and watching Independence Day (have you tried the two together? It’s the best! You just make fun of it and talk to the screen, it’s awesome!) When I got home I realized I had a missed call, it was Mark. He’s not leaving on Monday after all, Wednesday perhaps. I was kinda out of it (too many of my mum’s fabulous margaritas) when I called him but I’m pretty sure that I didn’t invent the conversation, in fact, I woke up with “Call Mark 3:30” written all over the palm of my hand when I woke up this morning. So I’m supposed to tall him after work today and we have a sort of Half Date. EEK!! There, that’s why I’m so excited. Still out of commission. Still bad timing, but hey. I don’t care. He fancies me back! That’s all I need, he fancies my drunk-ass back! (He usually sees me behind the bar, this weekend I’ve been the opposite of how sober I am when I’m working the bar, and he’s “not a big drinker” so I was a little concerned..) So YEAY! Update on the way tomorrow, on that one. EEK!


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Jul. 6th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
Go get him tiger!
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
Re: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
I made the call after work, but he wasn't in Seattle by the time I got off work. He was on the East side, waiting for his ride to the airport. Disapointed but, actually< still in good spirits, strangly enough. Leared a lesson and knowing I was fancied back makes me happy.
Jul. 11th, 2009 07:05 am (UTC)
Re: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
This thread has been brought to you by the letters G, T and J. If we would have remembered those three little letters we'd have been getting our fancy on quite awhile ago.

Sorry. I just couldn't let this one slip. Lol.

Congrats though. Where's he going off to? Maybe you can make a weekend out of it sometime?
Jul. 13th, 2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
Re: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
He's traveling traveling, South America.
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