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Weekend Report

Thursday & Friday I bartended at the theatre. The Twilight Zones are back at the Schmee and that keeps me busy at the bar. I made $30 in tips both nights! (hells yes!) Me thinks I’m going to like this run! Thursday night, Christine, Cory, Dorothy, and Astro all came out for the only Pay What You Can Night of the run and I took care of ‘em. Naturally after the shows, I went out to the Rosebud for a couple of drinks (ya know, burn that tip money).

Saturday was one of those summer days where it was just beautiful out. It was a day that I look around my picturesque city and ask myself, “wait, I wanna leave...why?” Of course catch me in November and my tone will change. Anyway, Saturday I walked down to Madison Beach and met up with Raye and Toby, who were going swimming. I was supposed to spend my time on the beach sitting and plowing through the book I really need to finish to move on with grad school stuff but that didn’t really happen as there were too many distractions. There was too much people watching to do. Also I hadn’t seen Toby in about 3 years, so it was good to see her. Plus, I decided to take a chance and get into the lake. It was cold, but it was worth it and fun. Afterward, Raye and I went to the Mexican place and had nachos and I had a margarita I felt kinda bad for eating as I had plans that evening to have dinner at Samuel & David’s but swimming makes me hungry and I couldn’t wait. I walked from the beach up through the swank neighborhood along the water and went over to Sam & David’s at Leshi. Turned out to be a good thing that I had some nacho’s because Samuels lasagna was a bit behind schedule. I hopped in their pool with David while Sam cooked (I felt a little bad about that). When dinner was done, we had fabulous lasagna & green beans and we watched Elevator to the Gallows. There were some distractions, from the film including a huge fireworks display across the lake, what it was for we didn’t know but it seemed to last as long as the Seattle 4th of July fireworks. It was neat. Unfortunately, the mixture of a day swimming in the sun, cooking, tequila drinks, slaving in the kitchen and a heavy meal made Samuel fall asleep on the movie that I really wanted him to see. Oh well. I crashed at their place, and it was actually an early evening. The next morning, the sun was gone, it was all gross out, but nice and cool. David made breakfast and we watched to Golden Girls before David drove me home. In lieu of hanging out with the rents at their place, they were up on the hill watching the Schmee Park show (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice). I had planned to see the show as well but I was not pleased with the weather so I pooped out. Took my parents to Smith for dinner, though, and I tried pork belly for the first time. (Would make Anthony Bourdain proud.) It was delicious.

Seriously getting good tips at the bar, swimming, eating fabulous food, quality time with friends I think I can say it was a very successful weekend. If only I could stop yawning today. Oh well. It’s Raye’s birthday. After the gym I’ve got Dragonfish happy hour and Bruno, ahead of me tonight. It should be super fun.

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