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A bug went to town and bit me in four places on the back of my right hand. My hand has swelled up like a red balloon and I’m forced to test my ability to be ambidextrous. (I’m typing this all with my left hand btw) This is getting ridiculous, I’m sure it was only a mosquito and my body is reacting like this. This is a recent development, only in the past few years have I reacted lijke this to simple bug bites. Thank goodness for the Aloe Vera plant Marna gave me for x-mas, it stops the itching (I thought it was silly her giving me a plant again, especially when she saw what I had done to the previous ones, even the cactus I managed to kill). I feel like Sally Home Remedy when i cut off a tip and applied the goo to the back of my hand. Felt refreshing, actually.
Anyway, apart from pointing and clicking (which I can still do) I’m a lefty today. It sucks though. How stange, without the ability to touch type quickly, or write with my right hand, I feel muted, useless. Wish I could just take a sick day, put it on ice keep it elevated and just sit in the sun and read a book.

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