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This makes me a Sad Panda

Today is John’s last day at work. That bums me out. Despite my fancying him last year and making the mistake of acting on that and being rejected and things being weird for a while we ultimately came out as friends. Truth be told, he’s the closest friend I’ve made at work. He’s someone I can bitch to about people that get on my nerves. The only person at work I told about my intentions to apply for grad school. The only person at work that I talked with about my writing, let alone let read anything. He’s the only person who I share stories of my personal life with, the only one aware of what a drunkard I am (and in return I know what a stoner he is in his personal life). He’s the only one I’ve hung out with outside of work, socially, not as a work outing. (Granted I jolly well fucked that up the one time it happened but still.) Anyway you get the point. I’m loosing my work ally, my work confidant, a friend. ...Not to mention someone who has been bringing me free carafes of coffee every morning for the past six months.

This morning when I got into work I spent an hour and a half cleaning the sink area of the office. That’s right an hour to do the dishes and clean the mold, nastiness and collection of crap on the counter. (which was irritating considering none of those dishes were mine, they were all Terry’s from the last couple of months, gross!) This was my last gift to John, to not make him do it. To show a level of self sufficiency (even though Terry should’ve done it but I couldn’t handle the filth any more).It was also a necessity because back behind all that filth was my coffee maker that I need to be able to get to now that I must make my own blasted coffee.

He just stopped in to say good bye but I convinced him to come back next week at 3:30 to go out for a happy hour drink & send off when I get off work. (Raye’s buying some of his DVDs off him and he forgot to bring them in today so I have to see him again, right?) Sweet. It’ll probably be a work outing if Terry comes but if not and its just the two of us don’t worry. I wont mess it up. I’ll just toast to my friend and wish him the best of luck in his insane endeavor.


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