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Update: Work & Weather


-Today’s the last day I get to blast my music and sing along while I work in the office. (And I usually don’t blast, but today I am on account of the Blue Angels noisily practicing overhead) This I shall miss.

- Thought I could squeeze these last few days w/out the boss without any more catastrophes but the time clock died this morning. Employees have a hard enough punching in and out as it is, I’m afraid asking them to actually write down their “punches” might prove futile. Oh well it could’ve been worse. At least it did it only one day into the pay period. It would’ve been much if it happened right before payroll. That might have put me on top of the building and randomly shooting.

- One of the teachers asked me if I could go to Bartell’s and buy her room a fan and I bit my lip from saying what I was thinking and told her I didn’t think any of the drug stores would have any left and, get this, she seemed surprised. Where has she been for the past week of 90-103 degree weather? I still called every drugstore downtown to appease her, and every person I talked to thought I was asking the stupidest question ever. I just let her borrow my fan and used Marna’s while she’s out.


- Man the heat wave this summer is like the exact opposite of the snow storm 8 months ago. Back in December I couldn’t go to work, was trapped in the apartment, going mad with cabin fever. Now, here it is getting into the triple digits and Raye and I have become refugees. We can’t be in the apartment, which is about 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. So when it was 103 yesterday...yeah it would’ve been an oven. I’ve been given permission to hang at the theatre—a lovely air conditioned basement. It’s been expensive, too because my food and stuff is at home so I’ve been eating out at places with a/c. Finally, and I swear this will be my last bitch about the heat, I miss taking walks/going to the gym etc. It’s just too damn hot. My gym is not air conditioned, so I’m not stepping foot in that place. I’ve walked to the The Seattle Center (on Monday) on Tuesday walked around to run errands, but it’s not the same as a proper work out. Makes me feel even more gross, but all I want to do is find somewhere cool and read/be lethargic.

-Finally, what I will give the heat, I’ve got some reading done.I've been reading every day this week and finished a book that I for a while wasn’t sure if I was gonna get through before it was sue back at the Library. Was very proud to finish it last night, especially since it was for grad school research so despite the lethargic nature of the heat wave week I can say I accomplished something towards a greater goal.  


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Jul. 31st, 2009 06:45 am (UTC)
Not to worry. Tomorrow (actually today) should be a nice tepid 85. I better grab a sweater.
Aug. 4th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
I'm diggin' this 65 today! Grey skies! Woo!
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