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Random panda: Just purging, really

 -Has LJ been a little bitch for anyone else lately or did I just really need to update my browser? I guess I’ll find out if this posts easily this time around. I wrote a long ass weekend update the other day and it just would not post. I gave up. Here’s the abridged version: Friday, bartended at the theatre, made good tips, went to Astro’s birthday at the Merc, spent all my tip money and then some but had a really lovely time. Saturday, bartended again for closing night, made REALLY good tips, mostly on account of certain staff members closing out their tabs from the entire run. That’s a lot of dosh.


-Been a naughty girl and haven’t been productive at all this week. Haven’t done a lick of grad school work, reading, or writing done. I blame John Sim. I’ve become addicted to the original UK version of Life on Mars. When it shows up from netflix, I just have to watch it immediately. In fact, waiting until I’m at the gym today after work after reciving it in the mail yesterday will be the longest I’ve waited to watch an episode in my possession thus far. I hope today goes by quickly so I can watch the next episode at the gym. Addicted I say, it’s pathetic.


- I just realized this morning that I’ve become one of those people that has a drawer in her desk at work that holds nothing but a huge collection of splenda/equal/sweet’n’low packets. This slightly horrifies me. How did I manage to grow up to become one of those people in my adult life? When did that happen and how did I not notice until today?


-I wish John would come back and work here again. This new guy doesn’t unlock the stairwell to the office in the morning and it’s really pissing me off. I don’t like another step between me and coffee.


-Ever wanted to ask someone if it hurts being so stupid; if they, like, forget to breathe sometimes? Yesterday was payroll day and at the beginning of this pay period we were without a time clock. I wrote a memo to everyone outlining how I needed people to notate their time sheets to help me (& marna) out for payroll. It was a detailed explanation with an example. One lady at work (who I specifically was targeting my memo to, because she’s pretty thick) still didn’t get it. She just wrote the codes with no times on it at all, basically saying “I was in, then I went to lunch and came back and then I left” with no notation of time, or even hours worked. I saw that and was flabbergasted. I don’t know what else I could have done to explain it more clearly.  Then I was bitching about that to Raye but she one upped me. She was making a delivery in a building waiting for the elevator and a person asked her if the elevators come down as well as went up. BAWHAHAHAHAHA.Endless bitchy replies come to mind.

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