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Rabmling Warning

Back at the cafe, Should really go over and visit my grandma for a while but I gotta have my, sweet, sweet, internet fix.

Yesterday went to the New Belgum (Fat Tire) factory tour. Learned more about making beer than I ever really need to but it was fun to try all these different beers they make that they don't distribute up in Seattle. Apparently they have a good relationship with the Elysian in Sea Town. "Do you know of it?" "Know of it, it's like two blocks from my house!" There's a weird duality here becasue they were talking about how energy efficient and green the factory is, which is cool, but in a place where they STILL don't even recycle. I just don't get it. Anyway, got some swag for when I come home, and my dad did a bit of scmoozing and scored us a bunch of coasters for the theatre since we do serve Fat Tire at the bar. Afterwards we went to go see Inglorious Bastards which was a ton of nazi-killin' fun. Oh Quintin Terrintino. If you've got three hours to kill, I'd recomend it.

Went out for drinks after, Kent only really wants to go to the same two bars so we went back to the ones I had been to before (more everclear cherries.) At the second bar (the douchey bar) there was a great scare. I went to close out my tab and they guy handed me back a card with Staley on it that was not mine. It's wasn't my cousin's either. Apparently there are more Staley's out here becasue that's never been a problem at home. For a while they thought that they had given this guy my card and I was so at a loss of what to do. I'd have to cancel my card, live off my credit card till I got home and got a new one...it was just....shitty. Luckily it all got worked out and they found my card but it really put a sour note on the evening. That and this guy was trying to start shit with Kent. Say what you will about the Seattle Freeze but at least guys don't just decide to pick on people for no reason but to be a dickhead. Or maybe they do I just don't frequent bars full of such douchebags.

Today we went for brecky and went swimming and I feel like just chilling out for a while, eventually plan to do a bit of shopping and finding dinner at a mexican place and enjoy some evening margarettas. Kent and his grilfriend are out to lucnch at the terrible chinese buffet place they got out here. I passed. When Kent dook my dad and I there last time I was was in this town, they actually posted thier review in the paper that talked about how the place had just been reopened after being shut down by they health department. (Unfortunitly we didn't see that review until we were on our way out.) *shudder* Never again. Besides I don't do buffet.

Well my pops is picking me up soon to take me to grandma's soon so here's some pics.
This storefront with the pears used to be the theatre that my parents had when they lived here back when I was a small child. The landlord evicteed them (rather illegally, actually) and the company closed. It was all for the better becasue it was after that failed attempt to open a theatre in Fort Collins that caused my parents to give it another go in a different town...Seattle. It was all for the better. The aforementioned landlord was shot by his wife and died in the gutter of his front yard. Just a bit of history there.
Moving on,

The New Belgum Factory

They have a SLIDE lucky ducks.


Me and Sarah (my cuz's girlfriend) posing a little tipsy infront of themost garrish sequined jackect in a store window, just waiting for an up and coming Elton John or Liberachi impersonator to purchase it.

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