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Final thoughts...

Tomorrow is my last full day in Colorado and as my trip comes to a close, I have to swallow my pride and admit that it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. The abscence of Samuel was a bumber, but I later discovered that, it being Labor Day weekend and all, Denver was crazy busy with "The Taste of Denver" (think bite of Seattle) on top of a Rockies series fighting for with wild card with SF. It would have been difficult to put together if he was here. A third of the main drive in Denver was closed for the bite (going to use Seattle terms, even if it is called the taste). So even though I didn't get to go party in the closest thing to a proper city in the state, at least those days were spent in th for to see so me cool stuff like the Tour de Fat where there was a kind of two day drinking bindge with the college kids and a festival experience. I even saw guys in dresses not being beaten up and even a drag queen. In fact, now that my family lives closer to Old Town and the college I like Fort Collins a lot more. When I was growing up they were all in the suburban area and it drove me nuts, but now I can see something in it that I didn't before becuse I never experienced it. I can best describe it to Seattlites as the middle american stereotype football college town, meets the evergreen Olympia crowd. There's that undenyable up-tight middle america thang (i.e. white white white and straight, straight, straight) but it's also got that whole hippy, "the wolrd should be a better place" vibe to it. (Though I don't think they're nearly as proactive about it as people in the northwest are.) I really dug the Alley Cat Cafe, that place had an unpretientious but hip vibe to it and on top of it the coffee was damn tasty (I also had a hippy muffin that had more flavor in less space than any other muffin I'd had but the bagels were nothing to write home about.). I had a bitchin piece of New York style pizza in a place near the aforementioned cafe (they had a pizza called the "Queens" which is essentially MY pizza as it has artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes.) When we went out for margaretias, I couldn't conplain with that night, nor the maragrtias nor the food. There was a supposed "two drink" minimum, but my dad and I had three each. With the first we acted un impressed but after the second, I noted the differencece, and I was pleased to say that it was a time where I had to reel my dad in a bit, him seeming a bit more intoxicated than I. Oh and, surprixingly, the shrim casadia, supurb. who knew? There ends my rough draft of a Rick Steves review of Ft. Collins.

Before I move on I have to also mention the neardy fact that I'm proud to have introduced my cousin and his grilfriend to the Mighty Boosh and got them hooked. I strated them on the second season only beacuse I've watched the first season so much in introducing various friends at home to the show. I decided to just give myself a break and introduce my family with the second series. Kent and Sarah likes it, in fact it became a routine that I would show them at least one episode before bed while I was crashing at thier place. (They don't like the moon though, unfortunitly) Then my last night in town I showed my uncle the Priest and the Beast episode. A brilliant episode which I've longed to show my ex-hippy aunt uncle (one out of tow aint bad). He liked that episode, a lot. But he didn't have the context of the show really, so when I showed him a propper episode of the boosh (The Call of the Yeti) he was uncomfortible. He said it was "too gay for his taste" and thus prompted the palm to the forehead of the cultural differences between here and there that I appatently donte even fucking notice,  Now I'm stuck in a quandry because I have to wonder if I showed him the wrong episode and turned him off, or if he would always be uncomfortible with the trendy dandy nature of Vince Noire. No way to know now.

Last night we picked up my mum at the airport at midnight then it was another hour to Arvada, where the grandparents on my mum's side live. I was beat. The only night I slept well in the Fort was the night where I got drunk enough to ingore the fact that I was sleeping on the most uncomfortable futon ever with either bars sticking through my back or bits missing where one's shoulder could just fall trhough. So when I got in the back seat, once we collected my mum, I was so ready to pass out, but I was too cramped in the back seat (three people with three people's luggage in a caviliear convertable just doesnt' work.) However when I got to my greandparent's house, the greated us with a bottle of booxe each. My dad was given a fifth of Makers, my mum...I don't recall and my grandma gave me a handle of Jose Quarevo., which was flattering. However,. not a couple minutes after the alcohol was presented and after the Staley's had all sat down for a bit of chit chat before bed, it was insinuated that margaretias be made. My grandma has mastered the art of Seattle Passive agressive. All I wanted to do was to go to sleep at the time. I didn't even want to drink, but I can read the ques and took to mine. My grandmas is especially good because in her condiditon she's only allowed maragitas once a week, so she wanted one and wanted to pull that whole, "oh, well, if you're both having one, I guess it wouldn't hurt if I had a little one." I read the ques and made the drinks. Very much unlike me, I only drank about a third of mine before I gave most to my mum and the rest to my grandma and just crashed on the couch. I'm making up for lost tequilla tonight though, after having been well rested.

So in case I failed to explain my purpuse here, it was initially on account of my aunt getting remarried. That is still the case but there's no way I can make it on the wedding because it's on the same day as portrait day at work. Now that I'm with my family that seems a lame excuse, but you know how it is when you have a very strssful day once a year and when you're planning around it it just seems irresponsible to plan to be out that dan when you know you're needeed. The only reason I was able to make this trip is becasue I had some extra PTO (even with my London trip, it's been so long since I've been on holiday) and it came out that I have a life insurace policy I can take out from with my grandparents permission (which paid for the ticket).  So even though I'm here for a wedding, I can't make the wedding itself. [I alsmost went on a family diatribe but I'm saving that for both sides for a friends only post] So since I can't make the wedding, me, my mum, my grandma, my aunt and my other aunt, who's getting married, went out to look at jewelry at the mall (which is all is out here) today. Afterward, I was unable to avoid the inevitble and lived the Olive Garden advert. I mean really. I cringed when that was the conclusion, but there's no fighting it. My aunts were set on the "itialian margareta" kick, and I had to say I was curious. so at least there was that. I didn't think amereto in a margarta would be good but it was all right. Too sweet but not horrible. This was the only opportunity to show off to my family the fact that I am no longer the pickey kid who wouldn't deat anything and wouldn't try antyhing. I've longed to show this off to my family who I gave so much grief with my "picky kid who wouldn't eat anything" bullshit. I really want to show off how much I've grown from that. Granted there are certian things where I'm not going to change my mind (primarily mushrooms, secondly olives). It's really hard to gross your family out with your new city palate, when all you have to choose from is the fucking Olive Garden. I got the Uber Seafood pasta, but I still had to ask to remove the mushrooms. Still, the fact that I eat scallops and musels grossed them out and made them umdrstand that I have a proper pallate, (And where they could have critisized me on the mushrooms, I ate thier tomatoes) so it's all good. It wasn't as extreeme as I had it in my mind, but I think I got the point across. I know it's been a long time since I've visited. (for my mum's side of the family about 9 years ago) and I'm not the uptight picky eater anymore. Granted there are things I know I don't like, but anything I haven't tired, or never gave a fair cance to in the first place I'll try again.

Wow, now that I'm rambling, and I have to say I've had a bit of tequilla tonight, I don't know what to do. I'm dying for a smoke but you guys know me. I don't smoke around family. But at the same time, I'm 26. I can smoke around my cuz, and my dad. My mum knows I smoke but I dont like to do it around her unless I have to Acke. Gonna go, figure it out. ta


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