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Been back at home for a week now and all has gone back to normal. Cathy & Sarah are now our neighbors. (yeay!) The show opened this weekend so I'm back to the groove of working the bar at the theatre on the weekends. Back to going to the gym and taking walks around my city. In fact, yesterday afternoon, my first post work walk around town upon returning from Colorado, the city gave me the gift of seeing #20 in my years long on going midget count. That's right 20! Woo!

As for the weekend, Friday night was opening night at the theatre. The bar did well and I walked off with forty bucks in tips! I hung around at the after party for a while but when the white wine ran out I decided to leave before I could get ropped into cleaning up. ("Maybe one day Daultry will do the Hoovering") I picked up some more wine at the grocery store and walked home. On my way home the Hill was a normal busteling Friday night, wuch brough a glowing smile to my face after my week in Colorado. It was just a nice "ahh, I'm home" feeling. It was lovely. I got home, Raye was out, I thought about calling Cathy, to see what she was up to but I wasn't sure if 12:30 was too late to call someone on a Friday. On a Saturday, it's totally fine, but it's harder to tell on Firday as people have been up early to go to work that morning and such. I opened my wine, which unfortunitly turned into Sad Juice, and totally turned my good mood around. This is where ya'll should be thankful, as I am, that I don't have the internet at home. If I did I would have imposed on ya'll a drunk self depricating pity party. LIttle did I know at the time that I totally could have Called Cathy, who was at home, on the other side of the building doing something very similar, wondering if she should call me.

Saturday was a busy day of last of the summer BBQs and picnics. Cathy and I went to Roenoke Park and made an appearence at the SeaGoth Dining alfresco in the park picnic. Missed some friends but Aaron, Brendan, Justin and Arch were there. Directly from there we were the unfashinably early guest at Dan & Amy's BBQ. Then I had to proceed directly to the theatre to Bartend. Raye shadowed me, to see if it was something she'd be willing to do if the look for work doesn't work out before the next show, she could get her lisence and cover the weekend I'll be in London. After the show I had a couple of drinks with my tip money at the Rosebud while I waited for Samuel to show up, but he never did. So Raye and I went home and drank with the neighbors, which included Sarah and Cathy.

Sunday, went to the visit the rents. Raye joined and watched the game with my dad, while my mum showed me pics from the wedding in Colorado. After the game Raye and I watched some Anthony Bourdain (little hearts and stuff for Netflix instant play) and learned about the cullinary faire of Shi Lanka and the fact that there even is a place in the middle of the Atlantic called the Azures. I need to write a strongly worded letter to my middle school geography teacher. I had no idea.

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