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The show at the theatre has been selling out every night. It feels good to have a packed house every night. Although Arthur Miller brings out the old people who don’t drink booze, only buy coffee and cookies and don’t tip. I want to remind them they can’t take it with ‘em, but that’s not a way to make tips either. Still even with old people in the house I’m making more than when there’s only half a house. This weekend is the final one and I look forward to closing out all those tabs of Schmee people closing night. *cha-ching!*


I’m finally able to read for pleasure again! That is to say I’m at the point I don’t really need to just read  potential professors books anymore, since I have 2 of 3 grad essays written. That realization unfortunately dawned on me while I was out shopping with my mum on Sunday, so subsequently I spent forty dollars I didn’t need to spend on more books. At least I have plenty to read on the plane to London and back.


Speaking of London I get to see Dylan Moran after all. I can’t find the link where I blogged about it but earlier in the year I thought I was going to be able to see him until I realized the website I was looking at actually said Fall 2008. Der. Well things ended up in my favor after all and it turns out he’s doing a bunch of nights at the Apollo in the West End!! I got my ticket immediately. I’m really glad that that will be my West End show. My rents would be give me grief if I didn’t go see a show in the West End while I was there, but when I was looking, Jeasus Christ, every show was a movie turned musical. Blech! Dylan Moran’s stand up sounds FAR more appealing.


Finally, I got to repay some karma points yesterday. I was going to 7-11 to get cigarettes and while crossing Madison, this kid on a skateboard dropped his cell phone. I picked it up out of the street and shouted at him, but he had headphones on and skated away. I made some calls on it to try to get it back to it’s rightful owner. Eventually the kids brother called the phone, said the kid was an SU student so I dropped it off at SU Public Safety for him to pick up (where I have picked up my cell phone, like 3 times while I was in school). It doesn’t make up for the many time’s I’ve lost my cell phone and nice people helped get it back to me, but it’s something. Whatever karma isn’t some cosmic score board anyway, it’s just about doing The Right Thing™ when the opportunity presents itself. I did my part.


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