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London Calling!

I made it here safe and sound. Holy shit-nuts, I’m in London! You might be wondering, Mir, you’re in London why are you blogging? Well, I haven’t had much sleep in the past few days so I decided to take a break before I go out tonight and take a much needed shower, relax and reflect on what I’ve seen already. Besides being here makes me want to write about everything! Partially for first though posterity (I remember how interesting it was to go back and read my first impressions, trials and errors in a foreign place, after I had spent more time there and had gotten the hang of it.) Also, as a solitary traveler, it’s nice to share what I see/& what happens.

The flight to London was full of English people and accents abound made me all twitter pated. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to be able to handle a whole city of it. When I tried to get some sleep on the plane some self-deprecating anxiety kept me awake, I got a few moments of REM sleep in sporadic doses. Actually I had a potentially hilarious embarrassing moment. I obviously was dreaming I was either blowing a kiss or kissing someone and when the plane hit some turbulence I awoke to find my lips all puckered up. HA! Good thing I was facing the aisle and not the middle aged bit in the seat next to me.

I know I boast about taking to subways like a duck to water, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make the initial flub the first day. I did in Paris when I got off one metro stop early (which doesn’t seem like a big deal but when your directions say “if you go across a bridge you’ve gone the wrong direction” and I got off on the island in the middle of the seine which frustrated me endlessly.) I flubbed and got a green line going the wrong direction. However I realized my mistake, got off and took the circle line instead. Take THAT!

I checked into my hotel (a smoking room was even available and the interwebs said that was not an option…SWEET!) It’s a closet. Seriously, if you’re on Facebook, check out the pics. It’s ridiculous and the way to get to it is recockulous (it’s a basement room). But still it’s got character, free wi-fi and I can smoke.

Today I walked down Bayswater Road by Hyde park, all in disbelief of where I was. It took the reality of kicking up the dry fall leaves on the ground to make me think ‘ohmigod, this isn’t a dream, this is new earth under my feet!’ I walked down Oxford Street went to Top Shop and was totally overstimulated. I can’t even describe the madness and awesomeness of TopShop. I got lost many times over finding one new wing of fabulous clothing after another, not even clothes there was a café, salon, makeup counter and a sweets shop in there. I was disappointed that the jacket of their I saw on line that I was lusting over, left much to be desired when I saw the real thing. Oh well saved me forty quid. I was actually really good and didn’t buy a thing, though I saw some owl socks that were much like my old owl purse. Might have to go back. Believe me there were other things I lusted but I’m frugal in the beginnings of a trip. I couldn’t find the enterence I came in (goes to show how huge it is) and got very disoriented when I came out. Ended up finguring it out and headed further down Oxford Street until I got to Charing Cross, then down Strafstbery St (to find out where I’m going tonight to see Dylan Moran) Then Picadilly Circus (dorked it a bit) Then up Regents Street. I also wandered around Carnaby St area for a while. So basically I did the touristy walk about in the Westend/Soho/retail district.  It was awesome. If I had actually baught anything it would have been a really Patsy & Eddie from AbFab kind of day. It’s fast paced here. I like walking fast, especially walking around slow people, but everyone is on the fuckin GO! I love it, though, it keeps me on my toes. Not to mention the traffic, I’ve almost been hit by taxis, motorbikes and my closes call (damn near collision) was with, you guessed it a goddamn bicyclist! He yelled at me for looking the wrong way (I’ll get the hang of that) and I just walked away. Whatevs. And fuck roundabouts I don’t drive but if I did I wouldn’t here. Madness.

Right I best be off. I gotta get pretty to go out, hit up some pubs pick up my will call tickets and go see my favorite grumpy chain smoking wino Irish comedian, Dylan Moran. EEK!

(sorry for lack of spell check today. I’ve got no time and I’m just too damn excited.)





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Oct. 30th, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
Awesome! And your spelling is actually better than normal, go figure.
Nov. 1st, 2009 08:43 am (UTC)
yay! have a wonderful time. it already sounds exciting.
for how long are you staying? :)
Nov. 1st, 2009 09:43 am (UTC)
I'm here for about 11 days. :)(on day 3 now)
Nov. 1st, 2009 10:20 am (UTC)
Hey -- I'm in town this week if you want a 'local' take on things. What about dinner or something? Send me a number I can reach you on, or something. travis
Nov. 2nd, 2009 08:58 am (UTC)
I sent you a message. :)
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