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Day 3:

I woke up to a grey and rainy morning. As luck would have it, I had plans to go to the British museum today, anyway and not be out and about too much. I went in shortly after the Sunday opening time, knowing full well it was going to take some time to get through it all. (Luckily I did because when I got out in the afternoon the line to get in was around the block.) I spent about four hours in there, learning and looking. I don’t know what to say, about the experience. When you see that much stuff in one morning/afternoon the history of western civilization all displayed out for you it kind of feeling…I don’t know. It’s sort of zen or existentialy grounding. History can make you feel small, insignificant. Especially when you look at these deteriorating monuments that have managed to last for thousands of years and then you think of our consume then throw away culture and think, wow, what have we contributed, really? On the other hand, there is kind of a connection to the objects as they speak to us about what it means to be a human being? Why is it there are so many human figures from the oldest artifacts. If they’re still banging stones together for fire, what’s the fertility doll for, anyway. In what ways are we all alike no matter what time period we’re in? I know this sounds stupid but I was all surprised to see roman cookware. You know collinders’ and muffin tins have been around since roman times. Okay well it wasn’t so much a muffin tin (though it looked like one) it was probably for bread rolls of some kind but still…colliders! I don’t know why that blows my mind but it does, I guess because I never really thought about the history of collindars before. It’s the little things, I guess is what I’m trying to say. It being Day of the Dead and al they were having a bit of a celebration for the occasion and had a little parade around the Great Court area. It was cute. I guess being from North America I didn’t find it quite as exotic, though it was fun to see. Also it frightened small children so I’m all for it.

After I left the Museum I got my neard on and headed to see the Black Books Storefront. I know, such a neard. However it was cool to be on the actual street and see it for real instead of the three some odd shots you see on the show. Also I’m glad I did that on a Sunday because the shops were closed on the street so no one saw what a dork I am. I was quite pleased with finding the place. However, once I walked away, I got lost. Really lost. I mean, I got lost at London bridge Halloween night, which made me nervous, but this time I got myself very lost for a much longer period of time. I’ve looked at the map and I’m not sure how I got to where I was, especially without hitting a major road when I was looking. Actually I couldn’t even find the streets I was aimlessly wandering past on the map! I think part of my problem was that when I thought I was aiming west, I was actually heading north. That seems to be the big one. Still I found a major street and on it eventually a tube station on a line that was of use to me and I was saved. I think also part of my problem was that it was now about three o’clock and I hadn’t eaten since eight thirty. So once I found the tube station, I decided that it was a good idea to get something before heading back. I found a little place and had a kabab. The first kabab I had since Sydney and though it wasn’t as good as the one in Sydney (though I was drunk at the time in Sydney street food like that always seems awesome when you’re trashed) it was damn good.

Got back to the hotel and decided that after a day at the museum I wanted to go “where the pictures move” as the line goes in the Moderns. I looked up times and dashed to the Cinema to see the new Terry Gilliam flick that is out here, but doesn’t come out in the States until Christmas. (Ha Ha!) To sound like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction “it’s the little differences.” I’ve never gone to the movies in a foreign country so it’s weird when it’s not what you’re used to. The prices were based on “front, middle or back” and there was no festival seating. It seemed weird to have assigned seats at the movies. The chairs were way more comfortable, though there were no cup holders and the screen was smaller than I would have liked. I’ll refrain from saying anything about the film to not give out spoiliers. All I will say is that he done good and I think made a beautiful Terry Gilliam film and made the most from the unfortunate circumstances. Also it was quite neat that it took place in London and I thought to myself…hey that’s where I am!

Day Four

My first out of the hotel room sit down and write time. I’m at the Sherlock Holmes Pub by the Playhouse theatre before I see a show. Granted, my Dylan Moran stand up seeing a West End shoe, but this is my first night in London for a night at the theatre (to be said in a proper British accent.) In in a proper British pb as well..just soaking it in. I’m off to see John barrowman in La Cage aux Follies (because I’m a near for Dr. Who/Torchwood) and I love me some camp. I’m looking forward to it.

            Today I went to the BBC Televison Centre and took a tour. First off, I was the odd woman out as the rest of the tour grop was The Women’s Insitutue from some suburub outside of Birmingham. They were all middle agaged to older housewives in the group. It was like going on a tour with female side characters in some feel good Brittish comedy that takes place in a small town like Saving Grace or Calendar Girls. At worst I felt like I was surrounded by the boys of Monty Python in drag playing those characters. They were very sweet though, those ladies. They wer kind of adorable, even. I unfortunately didn’t know many of the shows mentioned as I don’t live her and I think the guides were targeting their audience. Any mention of day time telly personalties went well over my head and I was hoping for more mention of comedy (not even like Black Books, even the old stuff like Yes Minister, Fawlty Towers, or the Good Life, but not so mch. In the News centre, they did mention the BBC international that they commaion out to various countries, the US being one and I should have stepped forth knowing what they were talking about, but I didn’t. Eventually we got to the last bit where we got into a little studio and pretended we were on telly for a little game show. I volunteered because, why not? It was a guess the theme tune to the BBC shows and I did terribly because I don’t live here. I almost guessed DR Who but I stopped and second guessed myself because the instrumentation was different from all the doctors I know. I did get “one foot in the Grave right” though. It’s a dead give away though. I’ve never seen the show but when you hear Eric Idle’s voice and it’s not Monty Pyton or Spamalot related you know it’s “One Foot in the Grave” I won a pen as a parting gift. JThe thing I could have done without was the explanation of what a green screen is. Maybe it’s a generationtional thing, but all the films I grew up on are heavily green screen involved and I know how it works, even down to the weather lady. The male tour guide was fucking adorable.  He was tall, skinny and had hipster hair. He was totally my type He said he worked the tour gig to “support his alcoholism he acquired in college” and I felt a kind of kindrid spirit. However when I place together the conversation that proceeded that quote I concluded that he was an actor. I’m not too sur though. I might just be putting two and tow together. I wanted to ask “can I vet a job here” but I refrained because it’s a stupid question on a number of levels. The “not allowed to work here” stamp on my passport being only one of many. Still as I walked those hallwayy and corridors I longed so badly to work there. I’d even work admin for the rest of my life I’m not even talking about writing a show for telly. It mad me wish I went further in Video Production in high school and later in college. I want to work there so badly. Nothing to be done but keep that in mind wen working on college applications.

            Speaking of which, I’m going out to Kingston tomorrow. My first worry is getting all the way out there. I hand an early morning. I have to be there at 10;30.  Which means an early morning train. Then I worry that once I get there I still have to find the campus. Then, once I find it, I don’t know what to ask. It’s particularly hard with Kingstons as it’s my least favoreite school so I’ve put it on the back burner for months, not giving it much thought. The spressure’s on as wll as it is a semi-productive tour. That is it’s not an open day like at Goldsmith’s. It’s all right though. I think the reason I scheduled Kingon’s first was so I could learn from my mistakes when Goldsmiths came arournd. It’s really going to be a shift in state of mind. I really haven’t though much about Grad School, one principal reasons I’m here. Now since I I mentioned it a customs had I I really thought about it until I realized tomorrow is the big day and I have to figure out how to get there. On the other hand, this whole trip is not so much about “sight seeing” (though that has been a big piece lately) but it is a test. It’s a test to see if I can make it in suck a big place on my own. Thus gar it’s had it’s ups and downs. I think I’ve mastered the tube. However, I seem to get toattly lost when I wander off the high streets. I love the crowd, but I feel isolated. I love the hustle and bustle but it exhausts me. I think that summes it up. For every plus there is a mins. However I’m only four days in and only seen certain bits of the city As for the isolation, I’m a solitary traveler which makes a difference. If I were a school the context would be entirely different. There would be more resources and means to people. So it stands right now I’m just and American tourist. There no reason for Londoners to talk to me. The isolation is getting to me I’m afraid. It does make me question is I really belong here. But I have to remember the “Seattle Freeze” We Seattleites are a  hard nut to crack but once to do, we’re lovely. It’s also such and international city it’s obviously got to be good, I think, right? I just have to crack that shell. Hopefully will do on this trip and once I do I’ll be in bliss.

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