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I guess I didn't get that job. *sigh* they never got back to me. Back to applying and shit. grrr. Last night there was a little reunion for the paris class but I didn't go. I figured that the kids I made friends with didn't go and it was raining like hell last night and I didn't have a coat so I just went home. I uploaded most of the pictures from the trip though so I'll just e-mail them the link or somethin. I turned in all my work for the class on Thursday. I get it back on Monday. I better have done well cuz I worked hard on that shit. That is, with the exception of the night before it was due when I went to the Tablet meeting then to the Cha Cha to celebrate jaden's birthday. "Jusr one drink" turned into three long Islands and a coupple of whiskey drinks. That was fun. The walk fromm capitol hill to the bus stop was not fun with the back situation, I just cried the whole way. Sort of passed out on the bus and vomited off a bringe but made it home alright. Next day was very hungover and had to go back to copying my typed essays into my journal. Not fun. Got it in, all on time and everything.

Filled in for the work-study at the Career Development Center yesterday. This weekend is orientation weekend for freshman and transfer students at SU. Seeing all the new kids moving into thier doorms and coming into my office all confused and lost reminded me of when i started at SU. I didn't go the whole weekend, as I'm a commuter student and I had already been working there on campus for the whole summer and knew my way around a bit.. I think I went two days, for the speaches, and Sherman Alexies presentation, thang. It was all fuct up though becasue it was just a week and a half after September 11th, so all the speaches were swimming with the shock that people were in after that, or in Sherman Alexies case expressing the lack of shock. Then I went to the outting to get kids aquainted to the city. Again also silly for me as I grew up here but, whatever. My group went to the zoo but I didn't make any friends or speak to anybody. I just walked around looking at animals, ate my lunch on my own and smoked cigarettes. We don't have the best zoo in the world and four hours alotted time was a litte excessive. I knew how to get back to campus on the metro bus but I figured I wasn't alwoed to. I did end up talking to these two other girls and we took off to buy cigarettes and slurpees.

A little trip down memory lane. Actually that first year at SU was pretty shitty, I was still living in Edmonds and commuting to Seattle on the bus everyday. My old boss at the CDC and I did not get allong at all. She made me feel incompitent all the time and we had absolutely nothing in common, so we had a hard time trying to accomplish a civil conversation. I didn't know ANYBODY and I was going a little crazy from the whole loosing high school friends but not replacing them with new friends. I didn't even work for Tablet untill the end of the school year. It's weird to even think about.

Now that I'm going into my last year, I'm fuckin' GRADUATING this year things are so so so much better. My boss for the last two years at the CDC shares my sence of humor and it was so much more fun, I'd consiter her a friend now that I don't work there. I'm of legal drinking age, it's amazing what a big deal that makes in your social life. I've got Tablet. I've made friends at SU who share my off-campus college life. I even got to go to the fuckin' Paris class that I wanted to take before I was even accepted to SU and I had a blast. Overall life's been pretty damn good in the past year.. Just thinking about it makes me fell a bit more upbeat on this cloudy last Saturday of my summer break. I've got a party to go tonight...who can complain? :)

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