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One Week Back

I’ve been home for a week now. Finally all caught up with my London Log and on real time now. Hello!
The trip home was long, a full 25 hour day for Mir. My luggage ended up weighing like 30 something pounds. So if I have any enemies out out there, they would have delighted to see me struggle with my heavy luggage (along with large purse and laptop bag strapped to each shoulder) down the stairs at the Bayswater tube station which had neither lift nor escelator. It was a gray, wet day in London so my window seat seemed kind of pointless until we got over Ireland, suddenly it was clear skies. Ireland is lovely, so green. I want to go there even more now. I wanted to stop the plane and have a quick day trip there but even if I wasn't flying in coach, I have no controll over these things.

I can't believe how well I did on money on my holiday. I had enough left over in my savings I just paid my credit card bill off (which still had part of my flight/hotel and some of the shows I went to on it.) It's amazing. Apart from my student loans (which is a considerable amount I'll be paying for the rest of my life) I'm actually debt free. What a strange concept. That's great though, it'll look better for my FASFA (ya know, when I apply for more student loan debt) and I'll have open to buy to hopefully buy my one way ticket to either Aberdeen or London. Fingers crossed. :)

I'm doing okay emotionally. Every now and again, when I feel myself slipping into post travel/holiday depression I'm quick to correct myself. I switch off the sadness and use that longong for London as power to plough ahead and push through my application process. No time to get all sappy and sad time to kick ass and earn my ticket back there. I've finished my rewrite to Goldsmiths. Now I need a proofreader for my essays and a few ediotrs for my portfolio. (Volunteers?) I also really need to touch base with my letter o' reccomendation profs. I shoudl probably e-mail them as soon as I finish this.

My Mp3 player didn't survive the trip, well it did. It worked the morning I walked to work but hasn't worked since. I'm walking to Fred Myer for a new one after work today. You know how weird it is to use a CD player again? I'm back to having to pick out what albums I want to take with me, which is hard. Who knows at 8 am what mood they'll be in by 3:30? Like going back to the dark ages :P THough the past couple of days I was listening to the Stephan Fry BBC radio program about lanugage that I bought in London. That made this english neard happy. Also speaking of music, working up to my trip and while I was in London I spent a lot of time listening to Adam Ant, Madness and the Jam. Now, all three just take me right back to London. It makes me happy. :)

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