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Urge to top myself...rising

This week has not treated me very well thus far. In addition to co-workers driving me a bit batty and AT&T charged me for my replacement phone on account of a bloody hair crack in the faceplate (which had fuck all to do with the problem of it shutting itself off all the time) and first thing this morning I got a very upsetting e-mail. I can't get a letter of recomendation because apparently my essays were not up to par I don't deserve one until I rewrite them. Yup...again. I've had some friends and family look at it but aparenly it's still not up to par. I think I'm going to hire a professional editor to work on them after I give them one more once over tonight. (Not that it helps, apparently)

I want to keep trying and not give up but the part of me that keeps welling up in tears thinking that I should take the hint. "Methinks I might be barking up the wrong tree." To add insult to injury Terrys pandora channel might as well be called the suicide machine, he's been playing Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake and sad Bob Dylan all day.


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Dec. 4th, 2009 01:03 pm (UTC)
that is the suicide machine!! yikes.
grad school is scary. I think I'll be a bartender until I marry um...uh... I think I'll be a bartender forever.
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