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After a particularly shitty week at least the weekend was positive. Friday I worked my last night bartending for this run at the theatre. I didn’t make great tips, but I went out for drinks afterward with Alex, Terri, Julia E, my pops and Maridee. The Rosebud was too full so we ended up at the Maharaja. Saturday, Raye and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a few things for the apartment. It’s hard to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and not come home with a bunch of stuff that wasn’t on your list but we did a very good job keeping to only picking up what we needed. We lazed in the warm apartment with little intentions to go out unless we had to.

I had a date on Saturday night. Most successful date ever (to be said like Simpson’s Comic Book Guy). When I got picked up, I was given flowers! I’ve never received flowers before, (The girls used to try to talk Andrew into getting me flowers but he consistently resisted.) so that got me all excited. We went to Bush Garden’s for sushi diner. I managed to drop a piece and splash soy sauce all over the place only once, which is really good for me. Afterwards, we went to the Rosebud for drinks and I was an really good girl, drinking singles and not getting hammered. (The night I met him at Cathy’s party I did get trashed, and when we went over to my pace, sitting on the couch talking, Raye burst in and kind of drunkenly decided to have an intervention kind of talk with me about my drinking right then guest or no guest. It all got very heavy and emotional which just added embarrassment on top of all the other issues I had to think about.) That still fresh in my mind I actually was drinking singles all responsibly. We spent what seemed like a long time at the Rosebud. Eventually got wine and went back to the apartment, talking and eventually staying up to the wee hours watching Dylan Moran. It was a really good night.

Sunday went to visit the rents as usual. I got my edits back from the editor woman. It’s amazing how shitty of an editor I am with my own writing. Once pointed out to me, the errors seemed so glaring, but I needed to pay someone $45 to show me. I still have some of the same problems I was chastised for throughout college, dangling prepositions and weird sentence structure. I need an editorial minion. My writing for my portfolio needs a lot of work too, but I can’t afford to have the lady go through everything. I was down this morning about it, thinking of all the work I still have to do, thinking maybe it wont happen for next fall. Then I had a meeting with Cumberland and I came out feeling a bit better. I still have to get a lot of shit together for her and she could come back saying the same thing that McDowell said (hopefully not about the essays any longer at least). I’ve got Cathy on the task of editing some of my portfolio work but I could use more. So I’m still trying but still apprehensive on that front.

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