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Weekend debrief: Busy, Busy, Busy

I do not feel well rested from my weekend. It was go, go, go al the time but at least it was productive.

            -Made the edits to my portfolio stories that Cathy gave me for grad school apps.

            -Sent out my x-mas cards.

            -Got most of my x-mas shopping done. Still need something for Sam & David and Dorothy. I think this might be amended with a liquor store run. I even got the shopping done in a little over two hours. (I’m good) For budgeting on the fly I spent just a little under what my Holiday bonus was, which is okay but not great considering I’m not completely done but, ah well.

            -Went over to Christine’s and had a holiday gift exchange and dinner. They all seemed to like their gifts. Dinner was awesome and we played the Wizard of Oz version of Life I got Christine for x-mas.

            -Made an appearance at my old friend Shawnana’s engagement party. Made it there just as everyone else was about to leave. So at least I made an appearance. However it was such a tease to see all the faces of old friends only to say “hi” and “bye.”

            -Ended up staying up ‘till 5 am when while over at Sarah’s place a pipe in her water heater burst and started leaking all over the kitchen. (At least now I know where the water heaters are in the units. They’re wee. No wonder taking a shower always feels like a race against time.)

            -Spent 7 hours baking sugar cookies. It was a quadruple batch. That’s a lot of flippin’ cookies. Luckily as delicious as they are, getting rid of them shouldn’t be too hard. Brought a bunch to work, will make little care packages. In my experience they don’t always go as far as you’d like them to.

Oh yeah, one last random thing...
-On the looooong 48 bus ride to Christine’s house, I fell asleep a couple of times. Once I nodded off and had a really quick dream in which my tongue was made of bacon. My reaction? “It’s not as awesome as you’d think.”

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