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Holiday Weekend


-Did my last minute x-mas shopping, which was stressful until I said “fuck shopping downtown,” and hit up the liquor store before it closed early for the holiday (got x-mas presents there.)

-Hung out with Sarah and Raye at the apartment for a while. Later, Andy came over and I got to show  him some Snuff Box and some AD/BC (which I didn’t think I was going to be able to show anyone.) We opened presents from one another.  


Thursday (X-Mas Eve) Went over to the rents to prepare the appetizer food for the evening. Unfortunately, my mum was really not feeling well and out of it. This put a bit of a damper on the holiday. She felt terrible was freaking out a bit and my dad and I felt bad. My pinwheels didn’t set properly on account of the whipped cream cheese, unfortunately I made the crab artichoke bites which were better than last time except all I had to bake them in was Pillsbury dough, which was good but made them too heavy. Drank many White Russians. Opened presents, notably got a cute new hat, Slings & Arrows and a membership to the Richard Hugo House.


Friday (X-Mas) Didn’t feel like Christmas, really. Kind of felt like any other Sunday at the folks. Got lamb for dinner along with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Lazed around and came home. I was actually really excited for x-mas when I went over but by the end it didn’t really get to feeling like a holiday. Ah well.


Saturday-I went to go see Sherlock Holmes with Andy. It was entertaining. I was neither disappointed nor amazed. Guy Richie sure has a hard-on for boxing scenes. Afterward, Andy made dinner at my place for Raye, Sarah and me. It was this Mexican pastry-thing that was yummy. Hung out at Andy’s place drinking wine and a li’l bit of the Absinth I gave him for x-mas.


Sunday-Lazy Sunday as per usual only instead of nursing a bit of a hangover at the rents I was lazy watching movies and eating pizza with Andy. Later went out for Chinese food dinner. (A lot of food this weekend but I guess that’s the holidays for ya.) I must say it’s a good thing I don’t care for football because it seems like every Sunday is a disappointment to Seahawks fans.

Anyway, boring post but it was a good weekend for the most part. just writing down for my own posterity purposes, anyway.

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