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A decade in review

2000 – I was in high school. 11th & 12th grade. I was just too young to vote in the election. Election night I watched the results come in (with the debate club I was in, I know neard, right?) and I was so not pleased and rather worried about the future. There was proabably a lot of high school drama going on that I can't think of off the top of my head right now.


2001- I graduated from High School. I started my work study job on campus at the Career Development Center at Seattle U. I started college at Seattle U in September but it was a really weird start for one’s Freshman year in college right after 9/11 and all. Still living in MLT but commuting to the city. Spent a lot of time at Cafe Vita and The Pearl (U-Dist) so I could stay in the city as long as possible.


2002 – Was having a bit of a hard time meeting people and making friends at SU. I felt very alienated. Started interning/volunteering for Tablet Newspaper in June.  The Staleys finally moved out of the crap apartment in Mountlake Terrace and into Seattle proper on Labor Day weekend. I was finally an all round Seattleite. A friend of mine whom I loved dearly, lied to me in a pretty big way and not only put a wrench into our friendship for a while, but it in the long term changed my outlook on honesty in friendship (in a positive sense).


2003 – Things started clicking for me socially, with school and Tablet. It was about this time I started making some friends at SU like Oni, Cathy and Samuel. There was the infamous Tablet retreat at which I puked over a balcony. Met Radiohead & Eddie Izard in September. Finally turned 21 and had a good 21 run where Cathy tried to sell umbrellas to random people and I bossed around hipsters at the Cha Cha "No I want water W-A-T-E-R, gimme some!"


2004 – Did a certain drug with one of my best friends and he went on to get clean and couldn’t see me any more, which broke my heart. Took the Americans in Paris course at SU. My first time traveling abroad spent three weeks in Paris & Provonce. Experience totally changed my life and got me addicted to traveling. When I got home my kitty, who I had since I was 12, Pepsi, died. We got Lenny and Patry as kittens a few months later. Got an off-campus work study job at Olympic as HR assistant.


2005 – Vacationed a week in NYC with my mum and Ginger Major Sea Change year in my life; graduated from SU (June), Tablet folded (Sept), moved in with Oni thus living on my own for first time and finally being a complete Capitol Hill Kid (Oct). Got to do the first booty dance (late bloomer, I know).


2006 – Visited Cathy in Sydney for four days, just in time for Mardi Gras (their Pride equivalent). After a year of job hunting finally got my current job started exactly a year after I walked at graduation. Oni & Tyler moved out of the apartment and Raye moved in (the infamous cleaning job on that apartment commenced...along with naked twister). Had a huge falling out with Ginger. Cathy came up to visit and The Girls™ were born. Cathy moved up on New Years Eve.


2007 – Met and started dating Andrew in Feb/Mach .Went down to San Francisco to visit Oni for a long weekend. The Girls™ went down to PDX to party for Christine’s b-day and had a blast. Went to Vancouver & Whistler with my parents and grandparents (was having a good time too until my grandpa made remark about my choice of lifestyle by not having kids already.) The Girls™ had a Wizard of Oz Halloween. Started working at Theater Schmeater. Had an awesome Pirate themed b-day party at the Dunnes with One Million Teeth playing.


2008 – Raye and I vacationed for a week in Kauaii. Andrew dumped me. I realized my dream of taking tagno lessons and made the decision that I wanted to persue graduate school in London. The Girls™ started writing a book together. It was the year The Girls™ went balls-to-the-wall with birthday parties Cathy got the sweet 16 party, Raye got a bounce house, Christine another trip to PDX and I got a scavenger hunt in a LIMO. Broke the TARDIS at Dr. Who Party. My cousin Kent came up to visit from Colorado and I was pleased that he was there for the awesome celebration in the streets of Capitol Hill on election night after Obama won. Started volunteering as a Homework Helper in Columbia city. Snow trapped me in the apartment for days and I went a bit nutty with cabin fever.


2009 – Went to the Gay Rights gathering in Oly. The Girls™ fell apart. The book project fell apart. Something traumatic happened to me that I need not say. Had a couple of people I fancied but was unable to get things off the ground with. Went back to Colorado to visit family. Went to London and fell in love with it. Came back home, met Andy  and had someone fall for me...which is the happy end note on an otherwise shitty year...sooo.....bring on 2010!!



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Dec. 30th, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)
You know what's really scary about that? I was there (or in the general area) for a great deal of all that Mirandizing. It just dawned on me how long we've known each other. HOLY POOP ON A STICK!! I can't believe that we've known each other 10 years now.

Not bad for a dying appendage. Not bad at all.
Dec. 30th, 2009 06:38 pm (UTC)
I know right, I've known you since I was 17! I think you're my oldest friend that I didn't go to high school with/part of the Edmonds crew. Yov've been there for lots of growing up times always providing the important advice "just grab the Johnson!" he he he.

Yeah, not at all bad for a dying appendage.
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