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New Years & Weekend

This was the first New Years Eve we’ve had since Cathy moved back out here that we didn’t host a party at my place. In fact it’s the first time that my main group of friends were all going their separate ways for the holiday. Raye went and partied with the neighbors at a McMansion out in Bothell. Cathy and Sarah went to see Cake at the Moore. Christine stayed in Ballard. As for me, I hung out with Andy & Ryan and went to the Fun House for drinks and fireworks action. I saw my first bar fight! I don’t know why I hadn’t seen one up till now. I thought it’s because Seattleites are too passive aggressive, but maybe I’m just not at the wrong place at the wrong time often enough. I found it entertaining like something out of a movie. Ryan even saw a girl hit someone over the head with a pool queue. Unfortunately for the bar, a window was taken out.



New Years day Andy and I lazed around all day watching movies. Hearing the wind and rain outside made me very happy to just lie in my warm bed al day. We ventured to Safeway for breakfast makings and returned soaked but it was our own fault, he jumped in a puddle and I shot down the slide behind Group Health. It was a lovely lazy day.


Saturday, Raye and I caught up on Madmen so I can move on a bit in my Netflix.. In the show the character were eating platters of oysters which gave us an itch so we went down to McCormick’s for Oysters on the half shell and happy hour. Tried swordfish for the first time and totally loved it. Raye and I returned to the apartment, then hung out with Sarah and Dorothy at Sarah’s for a while. That night we were drinking Pinnacle vodka (also known a blackout juice) so my memory doesn’t go much beyond that point, honestly. What I will say is that Andy is crazy patient with my drunken silliness/B.S.


Sunday, did a much needed Costco run with Cathy. Then more laziness and movie time with Andy until it was time to go out to diner with him to his roommate’s birthday diner at the Icon Grill (a place I’ve long wanted to try, actually). The dinner was fun and the food tasty. The people watching with the strangers was highly entertaining. Andy’s roommates, bosses husband (you following?) was an older guy who seemed so delighted to be sitting next to Andy’s cute skinny brunette next door neighbor. I could almost read his thoughts as he charmed the pretty young lady, but what made it even weirer was that he pulled out like 3 pediphile jokes in the course of one dinner. (I can’t make this stuff up).  The only drawback was when asked the very normal diner party question “and what do you do?” I feel like a bit of a child who should have grown up by now and have a career but hasn’t bothered. I mentioned applying to grad school but that just brought forth the follow up question of “oh what do you want to do with that?”


That brings me to my next thing, moving on. Now that the holidays are over I must focus on my applications. Playtime is over. Now I have to really focus and drive forward for my goal. I think my resolution this year (in addition to writing more) is to not be afraid to ask for help. I’m obviously a crap editor for my own work. I think my not asking for help or not following up on people who offer has really stalled my process. So here’s to getting this sucker out in January and hopefully moving ahead with my goal in 2010 and the new decade.

Happy new year!


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Jan. 4th, 2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
I can't believe you'd never seen a bar fight below, seeing as you hang out in bars fairly often. I've seen about 25 at Funhouse... mostly over stupid shit. Punk bars and rock shows seem to always have them.
Jan. 4th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
I've seen people get all huffy puffy and take it outside or whatever, but not a full on brawl in the bar. I guess I usually prefer a more mellow atmosphere. I don't go to the fun house all that often (I get so stuck on the hill) but when I do there's always a story.
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