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Friday – Cathy, Sarah, Raye and I went over and had a “girly slumber party” at Anna’s apartment. In other words we went over there, ate, drank, chatted and played to Apples to Apples & Scruples. That is to say, no there were no pillow fights in our under pants or giving each other oil massages.


Saturday – after coming home from Anna’s Andy came over and we hung out. It was such a warm and lovely day I didn’t want to be stuck in my apartment. We walked down to Pike Place Market and the waterfront. We hit up the arcade on the waterfront to play some air hockey and I totally got my ass handed to me. Went for Happy hour sushi at NiJo and when we saw somebody order some sushi roll that had fire we had to ask the waitress what it was. She explained the roll and it was super duper spicy (which neither of us handle well). So we just had to ask “would it be possible to get a different roll and have it come to us on fire?” They totally bent the rules for us and gave us a different roll. It was still a spicy tuna roll though, which I apparently can just barely handle. Afterwards, went back home to collect ourselves (and Raye) and went over to Christine & Cory’s for Cory’s b-day party. It was a good party, kind of reminiscent of game night as we pulled out the Turbo Cranium (my team won). There was lots of laughter during the smoke breaks. Also Dorothy blew my mind with her ability to take down Bucks in some buck hunting video game. This is a very calm, vegetarian I’m talking about, mind you.


Sunday- Spent time with the rents for the first time since X-Mas. My mum’s been ill so I’ve stayed away. It was nice though. I saw the last two specials of Vicar of Dibly (my x-mas gift to my mum) so I saw how that series ended and I finally saw the second half of the two part Dr. Who special, The End of Time. I was pleased to finally have some closure but over-all I was kind of disappointed in the whole two part special.


Overall it seemed so over the top that by the end of the first half I was honestly pleased that Russell T Davies is leaving as head writer and can’t wait for Stephan Moffat to take over. Many of the character’s motives were weak. The secret order that brought back the Master, they just served the plot without any real reason behind their motives that I could tell. The rich dude had all those people working on that gate thing just so his daughter can have immortality. Weak! What a pony wasn’t good enough for the spoiled little princess?  I honestly think the whole beginning plot of part one was only created so Davies could write the line about “The Master Race” (which upon the first time I heard it managed to make me both laugh and groan at the same time). Though it was campy and silly, I can’t complain too much about the whole world turning into The Master because I fancy John Simm and don’t mind more screen time for him, even if half of it is over the top maniacal laughter. There were other plot points that seemed bad to me like breaking the spaceship only to fix it right back up again as if it were a piece of piss to do when the story needed to move along.

To its credit though, there were a lot of really good scenes between The Doctor and Willfred. I think having Willfred, an old man, as a compainion for the Doctor was a good choice for a Doctor that is coming to his ultimate fate. Plus unlike anything else in the special, the relationship developed throughout and actually had the final pay-off in the end when Wilfred turned out to be the “knock four times” toll of The Doctors fate. It was emotional to Loose David Tennant. I liked that the 10th Doctor’s reluctance mirrored the audience that doesn’t want to see him go. Though I thought it kind of unnecessary it was nice that he got to say goodbye to everyone one last time. I was pissed when they reviled that Martha married Mickey (where the hell did that come from? WTF?). I was pleased that the Doctor’s way of saying goodbye to Jack was getting him laid. Finally it was his visit to Rose that broke me and I started crying. I was surprised that they blew up the interior of the TARDIS when the Doctor regenerated. They really are wiping the slate clear for Steven Moffatt and even though I’ll miss Tenant dearly, I’m looking forward to whatever is ahead. On that note I have to re-post what Adam posted becasue it does crack me up



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