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Friday- Andy & I went on a double date with Cathy & Doug. We went to dinner in lower Queen Anne and went to Jillian’s for some pool and later other various games. Yes, the endless saga of Mir challenging Andy in silly game competitions continues. While playing pool Andy and I beat Cathy & Doug once, but ultimately lost the best 2 of three games. The boys beat the girls in the one game that was not divided in couples. Andy once again, kicked my ass thoroughly at air hockey, however, my mind was blown when Doug seriously kicked Andy’s ass at air hockey. I also got brief opportunities to gloat at the shooting hoops game (against everyone) and a brief foose-ball game (against Andy). When we were done we went back up the hill. Cathy & Doug parted ways to get a hot dog from Hameed (Chop Suey hot dog guy). Raye was home when we got back to my place and we hung out, drank wine and talked throughout the night. I felt a little bad when Andy and I stayed up talking until about 4:30 were apparently keeping Raye up which I felt bad about. She knocked on the door and said “Do you guys have any idea what time it is it’s 4:30 I’ve got stuff to do in the morning” and I apologized and literally immediately passed out.


Saturday-Andy and I went to lunch in Ballard at Old Town. We didn’t have anything planned for the day so I figured since we were in the neighborhood we should see what Christine & Corey were up to. After lunch we headed over to their place and played Mario Party for a few hours. (The competition continues.) Afterward, I went with Andy back to his place for some Chinese food and movies. We watched Stranger than Fiction (which he hadn’t seen) and I showed him Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (which hasn’t been released this side of the pond).


Sunday- Early on Sunday Andy’s dog, Sparky, got out. I heard him barking outside, Andy was in the restroom so I went out to get Sparky. I knew how Sparky got out of the bedroom (he followed Andy) but why or how the front door to the apartment was open was beyond me. I got the dog, but didn’t even think about Dan & Kim’s (the nice friends letting Andy stay with them when he moved up here) two cats. I don’t know how or how long that door had been opened before Sparky got out. What we did know was that Andy and I were the last ones to go through it when we walked the dog and smoked a cigarette rather late at night. One of the cats indeed had gotten out. We felt terrible and wandered around the complex helping look for the kitty. As Andy pointed out, “Apparently it’s ‘be a douche bag to the roommates’ weekend.” To which I quipped (later) “Our relationships isn’t destructive...well, not to us anyway.” .Luckily the kitty came home not long after the two of us bugged out for breaky. That made us feel better still guilty but not as bad.


Anyway, out of time. Gotta go...


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Jan. 26th, 2010 11:48 am (UTC)
oh my that was a laugh
Things I love from this post: You know the chop suey hot dog man's name. I feel totally disrespectful and like a snobby patsy stone alcoholic for not knowing his name. I've bought hot dogs from him so many times. On new year's i was decorating chop suey with some friends and when he knocked on the door i thought he was a Real Change guy. Eeeeeeeeep. Poor Hameed.

Stranger Than Fiction: great movie. Even if Maggie Gyllenhaal is too Portland. And Queen Latifah is in it. Me and Liz love Will Ferrel secretly. And I guess now quasi/blog style publicly.

I will find out about this Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel jazz. But not til I get the Might Boosch box set I was promised. I can't get too involved in UK goodness. It's always too few episodes and too far between.

good weekend miranda.
I love winning at air hockey. it feels great!
Jan. 26th, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC)
Re: oh my that was a laugh
Hameed is good people. Especially since my friend sometimes is too trashed to remember to pay and just walks away, he doesn't get mad. She pays him extra next time around. Plus he's super friendly.

I am in full support of you getting the Mighty Boosh bax set. Thumbs up.
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