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Thursday was such a good day. As I mentioned, Raye & Andy came to my work with sandwiches from Salumi, which made me feel super duper loved. Also I got my letter of recommendation from Cumberland. After work, I had to skip the gym and so I decided to stop by the English department to thank Cumberland and see if I could catch McDowell to see what was up with Aberdeen (w/ Cumberland as well). When I got to the Casey Building, I saw there was an event going on and Cumberland was there. I read the sign and it was Peter Bagge doing a talk. Cumberland got Bagge to be a guest Prof this qtr, which is pretty awesome. When I was in the Graphic novels course with Cumberland I actually wrote my final paper on Bagge’s Bradly comics (initially because we had the collection in the Tablet office as a give away for signing up for subscriptions.) So I stuck around and watched. It made me miss being in school and having these opportunities to attend these kind of things. Made me excited about the possibility of going back. Afterwards I thanked Cumberland and I totally played it off as if I had planned to be there for the event rather than it just being a happy coincidence. After that I went to bartend at the theatre. Again I felt loved and pleased to see Dorothy, Astro, James, Cathy and Doug all show up for the play. After the show Cathy & Doug went out for a drink with me at the Rosebud. Doug was talking about “this really cool theatre in the 90’s that was in a basement near Pike Place Market” to which I exclaimed “Holy shit! That was US! That was my parent’s theatre!!” That made me happy that someone remembered our awesome old theatre. (Though the thought that I might have sold cookies or coffee as a 12 or 13 year old to my future best friend’s boyfriend is another reminder why Seattle can be eerily small sometimes.)


Friday & Saturday, as money was a bit tight until the first Andy and I had a mostly in doors, lazy weekend together with a bunch of comedies and wine. We did go out for lunch on Saturday at this place where the portions were out of fucking control. We were there around breakfast time but saw the breakfast portions and thought we’d get lunch instead. Seriously the pancakes were like an inch and a half to two inches thick and like ten inches in diameter. A double stack is asking to explode. Even our sandwiches were huge and we saved half for dinner. After the huge lunch we did get a wee bit of exercise and went and bowled a couple of games. I did much better than last time and at least got a few strikes. Then tragedy struck the lanes that afternoon. Hilarious tragedy. So there was this family next to us, mum, dad, two tween-to-teeanaged girls, a toddler and an obviously retarded aunt. I was up to bowl in the 9th frame of our last game when the toddler was unsupervised for a minute and took the opportunity to run towards the lane. The dad notice and ran after the kid. Right as the dad yelled “Don’t walk there it’s slippery!” the kid’s legs fell out from under him. A couple seconds later the same dad that said not to walk on the lane, did exactly the same thing when running to his kid. The dad slipped and fell straight down on top of his toddler aged child. It was one of those things that is naturally funny. If you saw that shit on YouTube, you bust out laughing. However when you’re actually there in person its inappropriate. I stood back and watched, to check the verdict on how the kid was. I looked at Andy and we exchanged the “OMG I want to laugh but I can’t” look at each other. It didn’t help when Obviously Retarded Aunt was shouting “is he okay” over and over and over again. The kid seemed to be all right. Andy and I hastily finished up our games so we could get out of there and let out the laugh that we had to politely hold in for 10-20 minutes. I’m so very proud of us. I still can’t get the image of it out of my head. Definitely a hilarious highlight of the weekend. People falling down is just always going to be funny.


Sunday, went to the rents and did my taxes. It wasn’t much of a pain in the ass at all and I’m glad I’m getting them out of the way. I’m getting $380 back. Not as much as last year but then again, Obama helped me out so I don’t have to pay as much on my Student Loans every month (which is where my big deduction comes from). Still it’s enough for a plane ticket, which is good enough for me. Andy and I are thinking of doing a long weekend in Vegas, where he’s from. I’ve never had an interest in Vegas before but I would like to see the Double Down and Peppermill and it’ll be fun to see the places  and meet the peeps from my boyfreind’s various stories.


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Feb. 2nd, 2010 02:55 pm (UTC)
I don't think I'd be able to keep myself from laughing once I knew everyone was ok, and then I'd probably keep laughing all night long.
Feb. 2nd, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
We were laughing about it all night long.

When I told Raye the story she was all "pffft, I wouldn't have been able to hold it in at all. i would have fallen out the minute the kid fell down." And she probably would. :D
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