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Punctuality Aint Easy

Last night I had plans to meet a friend for a British Comedy night at 6:30. At the gym I got sucked into a second episode of Mad Men (my Netflix) thus spending an extra ½ hour on the elliptical machine. I thought, it’s okay I can still make it on time if I shower at the gym and hop on a bus quickly swing home to grab the DVDs and all will be well. Seems like an easy enough plan, no?


I go to take a shower and see there’s a sign that the showers are currently cold water only. Oh hell no. Now I had to hurry home and shower there because I smelled like, well like I’d spent an hour and a half on an elliptical machine.  So I left the gym and went to catch a bus all sweaty and quite whiffy.


I had to run to catch a 10 but didn’t get very far on it. When the driver announced that the next stop was the last in the ride free zone I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have my Orca card on me. I left it in my back pocket of a different pair of pants last time I used it. Son of a bitch! Now I still had to walk home as well as shower.


I hopped off at the convention center and pushed up the hill, weighed down by my big purse, gym bag and laptop all on my person (but no fuckin’ bus pass). At this point I was really irritated that the universe was just hell bent on holding me up. I grumbled all up the hill, passing people who got in my way. However when I got to Pike and Harvard, by the teriyaki joint, I was briefly blocked by a wall along the sidewalk consisting of various sandwich boards, newspaper drop boxes, a little old man on a rascal and, I kid you not, a midget. (An no, it doesn’t count toward my midget count as I’ve seen this midget many times before.) As my pace dropped instantly to a crawl, I couldn’t help but just laugh. My ongoing frustration had just gotten comical. Eventually I was able to get around my sidewalk block and quick step it up to the top of the hill, but for the remainder of the trek my grumbling had been replaced by giggling. At this point, who cares if I’m a little late, I got a good story out of it.

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