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Is it the weekend yet?

Last night I left the theatre right after breaking down the bar. I was exhausted and just wanted to go home, get in my PJs, lie in bed, watch some neardy sci-fi and pass out early. That was not in the cards, however. Got home and Astro and Dorothy were over. Everyone was a bit drunk and I was invited to play catch up. Playing catch up after bartending never really works out well, apparently even when I’m out of the theatre as early as 8:30. I was having fun for a while but the mood of the evening changed around the ten o’clock mark, right as I was starting to feel a bit buzzed but Dorothy & Raye were more trashed.  Without delving too deep lets just say that the vibes got kinda bad. Raye was in a weird mood and bounced from stand-offish to full on emotional, Dorothy got sick and to be fair I might have gotten a bit pissy, myself at the end of the night.   


Work has been very blech this week. We have to fire someone at the end of the day and dealing with that is rough. I’ve always liked this person too and never clocked this person as a thief. It’s also hard to face and converse with a co-worker when you know what lies in store for them but they don’t. Additionally I’m getting a lot of flack from parents about the invoices for the Spanish courses. Between my London trip, administrative changes on the Spanish people’s side in invoicing us, and the holidays, no invoice went out in November so this last invoice had November and December on it. Now I’ve got a handful of angry parents e-mailing me all huffy-puffy about their invoice as if they’ve never seen one before and how we need to send these out more regularly. If I have to write one more damn e-mail apologizing and explaining that they are sent out every month but between the holidays and communication issues with the Spanish people, we missed one month and monthly invoicing will continue as it has. Actually I do have to send one more of them before I leave today. Boo. Also the Orca card passes are a huge administrative pain in the ass.


But enough of my bitchin’ The good news is that, on the whole (apart from work) everything is really, really good and I’m quite happy. I’m looking forward to the weekend. Andy and I are going over to Samuel & David’s for dinner and drinks tonight. I’m so looking forward to some quality face time with my favorite gay boy. Also Andy will get to see the sweet view from their place that I’ve been talking up. Saturday I’m baking a cheesecake for superbowl party and hanging out with Andy, then helping him cook a bit for the superbowl party and then eating said food at superbowl party. I got my Letter of recommendation from McDowell for Aberdeen, just need the last one from Cumberland and I can send that bad boy off. Once that Aberdeen application is out I’ll feel much better...and I can go on an H&M shopping spree with my gift card. Squee!


Anyway, it’s getting closer to 3:30, thank god so I should go tackle that e-mail.Meh. It's okay shortly after I'll be free and can go work off my frustration at the gym.


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