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Few things from this busy work week

-- Raye was to do my hair this Wednesday. The night before I had a dream she flaked on me and I got all pissed off about it and tried dying it myself and royally fuct it up, then blamed Raye for putting me in that position. Well in the real world that's not what happened but it did get fuct up. We only had a tube and 1/4 of color which I totally thought would be enough and I gave her the go ahead to dye it when apparently after talking to Christine who used to do my hair, it requires at least a tube an a half. Shit. So at the moment I've got very PURPLE roots in some spots, some spots are still blonde roots and the rest of my hair is just kinda dark brown. Oh I don't like it. Luckily Christine will fix it for me next Tuesday. *sigh*

--The other day at work I printed copy of the essay I'm working on (a write up on London as a solo traveler), when I noticed the printer/copy machine wasn't doing anything. I went to investigate and saw that it was out of paper. Easy fix. I put a ream of paper in the copier and let it do it's thang but apparently there was a large print job ahead of me. So as I'm waiting for mine to come out I announce "wow! somebody had a large print job!" and I look and see it's multiple copies of some erotic short fiction. Terry jumps up all red in the face says he didn't know what it was (yeah right) and we throw it away. I pulled my essay out first (which I shouldn't be printing at work really either) and we went on with our day. The funny thing is I can just see him pressing print over and pver again when nothing happened. You know when I'm printing something I should't I'd be sure to check up on that to avoid that very situation. ah, well. I'm the only one who knows how to use that coppier anyway. Just another example on how my work environment seems to be getting stranger these days.

--Cumberland's letter STILL hasn't come in the mail. It had better be there when I get home tonight.  I really wanted to get my Aberdeen application out this week but it was not meant to be. It's okay though. I dodn't even have the money to send it out at the moment. I'm terribly broke at the moment. Some bills popped out of nowhere, like the stupid Norton renewal fee fro my laptop. Boo!

Ack! I'm so excited for the weekend. t minus 30 minuets until I'm outta here, hit up the gym, run some errands for my Valentine's Day gift and the weekend begins!


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