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I guess I just have more to say...

Friday my letter of recommendation from Cumberland came in the mail. (Yeay!) That means the Aberdeen application is going out TODAY! Woo! Finally! It’s about time! Now I just sit back await word on my fate. Well that and give thank you notes to my old profs and fill out FASFA etc. Okay so there’s still a lot to do. Though I could go shopping finally, though I think I might hold off on that for a little bit which sort of brings me to my next topic....


I feel gross today. I think I’m going to sort of diet/eat less and eat out less. I know part of it is because my bum knee last week I wasn’t able to exercise but I think it’s more than that. Now that the weather is nice, I really want to get out of the gym and on to hittin’ the pavement with long walks again but at the moment I don’t have good walking shoes. I think that’s a priority purchase for me on the 1st—get walking shoes. In the mean time, it’s the gym and walking in my chucks will have to do which brings me to my next topic...


Checked my balance and I’m on the side of broke. I apparently spent too much this weekend. So, with the exception of going to Goofy’s tomorrow with Cory Christine & Andy, I’m kinda in for a little while. Me thinks I need to go back to budgeting better like I did when I was saving for London. Eek. However I think being poor could have it’s advantages. I’m going to try to get some cleaning and some writing done this week. Lately I’ve had a strong itch to do major cleaning, like Spring cleaning (maybe it’s the nice weather) and get rid of a bunch of stuff I’ve accumulated and don’t need. My room feels like it’s getting smaller and smaller and it was wee to begin with. That and I kinda want to change it up a bit in the decorating area I don’t know how long of a project that would be. I fear getting balls deep in the project, having my room destroyed then running out of time to finish the job to my satisfaction. (Or my dust allergy just takes over and I have to quit before my frontal lobe shoots out my nostrils.)


Anyway, that’s all just thinking aloud. Don’t mind me.... do do do.

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