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Quick Weekend Update



Actually more of a week update. Wednesday, went to fairygirl70’s Game night with Andy & Raye. Once again had a good time. We played this game Partini which could be a new replacement for Cranium (as we’ve gone through all the cards and all the booster sets for that game). Though I learned my lesson about starting with wine and then moving to tequila. (oaf, that was a rough morning). Thursday, I had lunch with Andy and lazed with Raye. Later in the evening Andy and his roommate Dan came down and we had dinner at Picora’s.


Friday, I caught some of the final game of women’s curling at the gym then rushed home to get ready for Andy to pick me up. We went grocery shopping and back to his place to make me (and Dan) dinner. We ate, watched Choke with Dan then retired with wine and the computer and booked our tickets to Vegas. That’s right, we’re having a long weekend holiday in Vegas March 25-29. I get to go on a plane this month! I get to go to the double down and try ass juice! I get to see Andy’s old stomping grounds and meet his friends (no pressure). Horay for tax refunds!


Saturday, we selpt in for a bit and (speaking of meeting his friends) went down to Tacoma to have lunch with his Vegas transplant friends Scott and Joanna. We had a very yummy pizza (which made me kinda full and lethargic all day) then went over to Point Defiance. The waves were supposed to hit from the earthquacke in Chili at around the time we were there. The tide was higher but the waves were not as violent as we envisioned. It was super pretty though, rainbow in the distance, trees patches of sunlight. We went for the 5 mile drive around the park and ran into a bunch of raccoons that we stopped and took pictures of. They were really cute but still kind of frightening at the same time. That night, we returned to Seattle and the Hill and did a bit of bar hopping.


Sunday, we had lunch with my ‘rents a Melady’s and saw the big hockey game before I went back to my ‘rents for the day. All in all, its been a busy and fun filled week & weekend.


Now, of course it’s time lock myself in my room and focus on nailing my Goldsmith’s interview. No more whiskey or wine. No more eating out. Just focusing on what I need to say to impress. That and I need to get my thank you’s to my profs and let them know the good news. I think I’m going to get them thank you cards and a cupcake from Cupcake Royal. I need one more recommendation for the “international student scholarship” Which is due on April 1st. Eek! I’ve got so much work ahead of me.






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Mar. 1st, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
You should shift your Vegas vacation back one week and go when we do!
Mar. 1st, 2010 09:55 pm (UTC)
I thought about tagging along on that when we were first talking about going but Vegas will be WAY too hot for my taste in July. March will be cooler. Plus, I have a holiday weekend to look forward to this month!
Mar. 1st, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
Woops, I thought you said the last weekend in May, not March. Yeah, we like it in the 80s for sitting around the pool.
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