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London Calling...

So this morning I had my phone interview with Goldsmiths. I've been spending the last two nights preparing myself for the moment; writing little questions and practice answers on 3X5 cards, rehearsing in my head on walks, rehearsing aloud with Raye, etc. I was a big bundle of nerves last night, though this morning I was feeling a little more relaxed when I woke up. I went out had a cigarette and coffee (stimulant made me a bit more nervous, actually) then brushed my teeth to come back to my room to discover she called at 8am instead of 9am. This freaked me out. I listened to her message and she said she would call back and I was a nervous wreak for a while. I thought, was that it, game over? Then as I sat there thinking about it I realized that I don't think they have daylight savings time over there and she probably thought it was 9 when it was really an hour earlier. I sat in bed waiting, my stomach full of angry butterflies with pitchforks poking me. Then 9 o'clock finally came and I the phone didn't ring. For a while I thought, that's it. It's not happening. It's another year at work for me. Then the phone rang about seven after and my heart sped up.
The first time she called the connection was terrible I had to have her call back. More nerves on account of it, affraid I wouldn't be able to conduct the interview at all.
She called back and the connection was clear and we began the interview by by my asking question (which kind of threw me off). In asking my first question about the schedule of the program she went on to answer my next two questions in her answer. That was my extent of questions. That doesn't look good. Then she went on to ask me my questions all but the "why this program?" were not ones that I had practiced. She asked what I read (which I can't believe is not a question I thought of ahead of time) and thank got I was at home to get up and reference my bookshelf. I think I did all right. I was myself. I was honest. I was polite. I only rambled a little on a couple of questions. She said the words "interesting" many times I hope that really means interesting and not the condescending way my grandma says/means by "interesting". She asked for more questions but I honestly didn't have any more, which I'm really kicking myself over. I was prepared with questions, I just wasn't expecting them all to be answered in one fell swoop. Err. We thanked eachother, she apologized about the earlier missed call and we hung up.
There's 30 spots availbe. The competition is pretty tough. I really hope I did a good enough job. I'm only semi-confident. However, now that I've sent my Thank You e-mail, I've got nothing to do but wait. She said I'll know in about 2 weeks. I'm going to try to not dwell on it and just get back to my Seattle life. I should pull my scholarship application together though, just in case.
*heavy sigh*


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Mar. 4th, 2010 01:35 am (UTC)
Mmmmmm. Interesting.
Hahahahaha. Yeah. I'm a dick.

Waiting sucks but, at least, the hard part is over.

Here's something that should distract you for a minute.

Remember the Johnson you were supposed to grab way back in the day? Yesterday it celebrated it's 66th birthday. I wonder if anyone grabbed it.

Something crossed my mind the other day. When this all goes through for you, you'll be in London for the '12 Olympics. That would be pretty damn cool.

Okay. Babbling done.
Mar. 4th, 2010 04:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Mmmmmm. Interesting.
It was Lou Reeds b'day yesterday. Dman where was I? ah well I'm hungover this morning that's good enough for me. And for your information I was not going to grab Lou Reed's Johnson. >:P

Well if I get in for Sept '10 I wont be there for the Olympics. If I don't make it in for this September and I try again and get in next year then I will be there for the Olympics. That's part of the beauty of it over there you can get your MA in 1 year. :)
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