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Thursday I had plans to hang out with Cathy. After work I took a walk to the U-District to meet her at the College Inn. She’s been so busy with school and stuff that we haven’t really hung out (except the night before she came over for a bit) since the time we went out on a double date. It was really good to spend time catching up with her and spending some quality time together talking about life, the universe and everything. We started at College In then hopped on the 44 and went to Haties. We were to see The Kindness Kind at the Sunset that night, hence the trek to Ballard. Oh I saw a Gnome Bowling set at a storefront in Ballard and I want it so bad. Sarah showed up and we went to another bar next to the Sunset. We talked, hung out, smoked, ran into aeme and ate free soup. I was fine when we were at that bar, but then when I went over to the sunset all the drinks kinda hit me at once and I was a sleepy drunk mess. Not my finest hour. Cory kindly gave us a ride back to the apartment and I magically managed to remember to set my alarm and get to work on time the next day.


Friday after work, Andy picked me up and we went out to dinner and went to go see Alice in Wonderland. We ended up in the front row as the place was packed. You don’t really need to spring fro 3D when you find yourself in the very front row. You’re pretty pulled in from up there. I enjoyed it. There were too many eye things that kinda freaked me out. I loved that Stephan Fry was the voice of the Cheshire Cat. I’m proud of myself for recognizing Crispin Glover. I like the Alice, she was cute and loving Johnny just comes naturally (except in that shit movie where his face falls off). Don’t want to say too much for spoiler purposes but I’ll say I liked it.


Saturday I tagged along with Andy and Ryan while they looked around at/for apartments. They looked at one place in Queen Anne and even though the apartment itself was nice, the location was awful. At least we got to see the pretty view from the roof though. Afterwards, we went down to Madison beach and had dinner at the Mexican place. It was such a nice day and nice days make me crave margaritas. Then we went back to my place, Raye came home and we all had heaps of wine and later snacky-poos and hung around the front room talking. Nice times until I once again turned into Sleeping Beauty Drunky.


Sunday, after my tagging along to one more apartment showing Andy dropped me off at the ‘rent’s. My dad was feeling kinda antsy so we decided to go to a movie. We went to go see Ghost Writer at the Egyptian after a brief visit to the Schmee to show off the new lobby. The lobby looks awesome. I look forward to friends coming to see the Zones and having their minds blown. We ran into Regan there as well as Julia E. who both joined us for a couple of drinks at the Rosebud before we went over to the movie (Regan followed).  The film was really good and had Ewan in it. I just realized that I had a movie weekend in which I saw Johnny and Ewan, that’s eye candy gluttony isn’t it? Went back to the ‘rents for dinner and watched Inglorious Bastards. Ham & violent jews, there’s just something kinda funny about that.

A good weekend. Went too quickly but at least today went by quickly as well.

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