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I got to work this morning, checked my e-mail as my coffee was brewing and saw something that had Creative Writing MA in the title. I thought, oh some more correspondence from Goldsmith's. I kind of tiredly skimmed the e-mail, saying there were these acceptance forms I needed to fill out and return. I thought, that's funny, I already did that. I opened the first attachment and did a double take when I saw the University of Aberdeen seal on the corner. I then went on to read...
I am pleased to inform you that your application for admission as a postgraduate student at the University of Aberdeen was approved on behalf of the Senate today.

HOLY SHIT! I got accepted into Aberdeen as well! That's a huge surprise! Crap, now I feel bad for jumping the gun and replying to Goldsmith's so quickly. I really wasn't expecting to hear back from Aberdeen. It's a more posh school. The application got out really late. I didn't hear about an interview or anything.

Aw man! Did I fuck up by responding to Goldsmith's so fast? I already accepted my offer at Goldsmith's, applied for housing and filled out my FASFA for them only (though I think that's still changeable). Ah well. I suppose I could back track if I wanted to but I'm not entirely sure if I do. I was really excited about getting into Goldsmiths. There's pros and cons for each school. Aberdeen is, like I say, a bit more posh--a better older university. The program has a whole course devoted to publishing which is what I really fucking need. However there's a LOT more academic writing than workshop writing, which scares me as I'm so out of practice of doing academic writing after the five year hiatus, not to mention I'm not the best academic writer and the standars over there are much higher. The cost of living in Aberdeen is much less than London (obviously) but I've had the chance to visit London and Goldsmiths and loved it, I could totally see myself living in New Cross. Though Aberdeen looks beautiful, and is the third largest city in Scotland, I long to live in a big fuck off world class city.  Goldsmith's doesn't have the focus on publishing aspect as much, unfortunitly though there is a whole course on knowing the current literary landscape. Being in London itself serves as a good plece to make contacts and such in publishing, as well. As I mentioned Goldsmith's program is more workshop focused, which might not be what i NEED per se, but it excites me to no end to have a year just focusing on doing what I love and working on being a better writer in the city that I've wanted to live in since I was like 13 years old. I think that last sentence is the clenching argument and makes me feel that Goldsmiths is what I want. Though i'm apprehensive as Aberdeen might be what I need. Ah well, what's done is done.

Hey, on the bright side, check my shit out! I is smart! That's S-M-R-T! :P After all that time freaking out and getting down on myself, I not only made it into school but I totally got accepted into BOTH the schools I applied to! That didn't even happen in my undergraduate. Go team Mir!


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Mar. 22nd, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Yay for grad school! Yay for creative writing!
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