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So that was weird vivid dream this morning. I was attending the opera from hell. Now don’t get me wrong. In real life I actually love opera. It’s a blast but this dream, yeah not so much. It was an operatic version of the life of Michael Jackson, with "inspiration based from Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein." Yep that’s right. Pretend the Thriller video was two and a half hours long and onstage at an opera house. It was horrible. Half the curtain didn’t go all the way up either so the words were not visible to the audience, making this monstrosity of performance art even more incomprehensible.

            Also, because it was a dream, there had to me more tension added to the discomfort so I was apparently back in school  and was anxious because I had a lot of math homework to complete..oh yeah AND I had to move into a new apartment that night. There was weird product placements involved too, with audience participation during the intermission. In other words the audience was given advertising instead of a proper intermission in which we were allowed to go have a drink, cigarette and pee break. It was really warped advertising too. One was “Remember this fat kid from the first act, look at him now. We put him on the such and such diet during the second act, and through diet and exercise and three 8 ounce glasses of our special sugar-free juice, look at him now, he lost 50 pounds!” This of course was distracting me from my math homework I was trying to complete at my seat.

            When it was finally over, and the crowd applauded and the performers took a bow, I was so relived that my life could continue and I could get to the tasks at hand. However, then the director came out and told us to please take a seat and enjoy the 20 minute video memorial to Michael Jackson. I think I just sat in my seat shaking with anger at first, but when it just kept going and going and I thought I was never going to get out of there, I just deflated and started crying. Then the person behind patted me on the back and whispered “I know we all miss Michael.”


I’ve never been so happy to hear my alarm go off in the morning. Not so much a nightmare, just a really vivid and anxiety-filled dream. Pretty funny though.  



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Mar. 25th, 2010 09:53 pm (UTC)
Glee on crack.
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