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Friday night Raye had a Margaret Cho night planned with Anna, Cathy, Dorothy & myself. I thought to mention Samuel and inviting him (as he's a big fan and I haven’t seen him in ages) and the night just kinda grew from a “girls night” to a little mini-party at our place. I felt kind of bad for letting the number of friend get out of hand for what Raye and Anna wanted (just watching Margret Cho) but the screenings commenced in Raye’s room. Once the people who lost interest or had too spazy of an attention span to sit and be quiet the people who really wanted to watch got to see it mostly uninterrupted. By the end of the night the mini party turned out to be me, Raye, Andy, Dorothy, Seanna, Anna, Cathy, Doug, Sam, David, Astro, James and the neighbors stopped by later in the night as well. It turned into an impromptu drunken night with a lot of friends and a good time indeed.  


Saturday, after cleaning up the apartment a little bit, I went up and spent the rest of the weekend with Andy. We hung out and watched movies, drank wine, went out for thai food, and so on. We were going to go bowling with Dan & Kim (couple he’s living with) but Dan wasn’t up to it Saturday evening so we gave did that on Sunday afternoon instead.


On Sunday before going bowling, Andy and I went out for lunch at this little diner he prefaced by saying; “Ryan and I went there and it was full of old people but the food was surprisingly really good.” So we hit up this place, it was full of old people, most of whom going out to lunch after church I would imagine, but the food was really awesome and cheap! On the way out, I hit up the restroom. I came out to find Andy with a blank expression on his face. He took my hand and we walked out. The minute we got out of the diner Andy said in a quiet, deadpan, and slightly traumatized manner “I just walked in on a little old man jerking off in the diner bathroom.” I cracked up and had a field day with this information, though tried to be sympathetic, as he was in kind of a daze after what he had seen. I was so amused by the whole thing I couldn’t wait for us to go meet Dan & Kim at the bowling alley and hear Andy tell the story again.


The whole thing didn’t effect Andy’s game but perhaps karma kicked me in the ass for laughing so much because I played my worst two games of bowling ever. I seriously sucked. The second game I did, like, five gutter balls in a row. I was at a score of like 13 for like 5 or 6 frames. I was sucking ass. Then while people watching I noticed this 16 year old girl two lanes down who so seriously didn’t want to be bowling with her family she basically bowled by walking up to the lane and just begrudgingly dropping it, turning an walking away. She was pouting, basically, making sure that everyone knew she wasn’t having fun. Well, “Emo Emily,” as Andy dubbed her, was just as good as I was and not even trying. So since I was in NO competition with Andy, Dan & Kim, I decided I was hell bent on at least beating Emo Emily. I figured for two reasons 1) to make this game I was already loosing more entertaining and 2) based on principle that fun should always win over being a sulking brat. Emo Emily of course was in no way aware of this competition, but Andy, Kim and I were really into to. It was close. I was really sucking and we were seriously neck in neck (within one or two pins at all times—which is easy when you’re only hitting three pins here and three pins there in between gutter balls) However, in the end I won with like 40 something, just enough over her 39. Yeah! Take that! Seriously, my worst bowling score ever but I managed a way to feel proud about it.

That evening Kim made a really awesome dinner of Indian food which was yummy and I couldn’t stop eating. It was so good but now today I’m feeling sluggish and kinda gross. To top off our bowling day, Andy and I joined Dan watching The Big Lebowski (which Dan had never seen before, and is high on my list of favorite crazy) It was a lovely weekend.


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