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1) Get back in the habit of saving money.

            Yesterday I was doing some research on what I need for my UK visa. Unfortunately, I found that I’m at a complete stalemate with my visa until I get some things/word back from Goldsmiths. a) I need to know what my Federal Loans are going to be (so I know how much I need to pull together in private loans), b) I need them to officially register my acceptance with Boarder Control c) I need to know my housing application status as I have to enter a residence. To go back to point a)... Turns out I have to have proof that I have money for both my tuition (10,070 pounds) as well as 7,200 pounds for living expenses in London. So I’m looking at finding at least $26,550-ish bucks. (Still under SU’s current undergrad tuition rate which, I just checked, is at 30k a year now. OMG.) I know I’m finding that via loans, not saving, but at the same time, putting money away for the next 6 months really wouldn’t hurt. So I need to take on some more bartending hours, not go out so much, etc and put money back into my savings.


2) Stop sacrificing Mir Time

            I haven’t had a night to be alone and write in over two weeks and this is unacceptable. Sometimes it’s my own fault. For example, last week I was cleaning my room before writing but it ended up taking me all night to complete this task and I never got round to it. Other times I’ll set out a night to write but when obligations to friends come up and that’s the only time I have free in the week from obligations to other people (i.e. my only “free” night, even though it isn’t technically “free”) I give it up all too easily. I feel mixed about this because I only have so much time left here, I want to spend enough time with everyone, but at the same time I need to build my writing habit up before I dive back into going to school.


3) Get back to where I was with diet/exercise

            I feel kinda gross, generally. I’ve been more lax with work outs and walks and have definitely not been eating well (well eating well but not healthy-like). There were 3 meals this weekend in which I dined out. Need to rein in that habit. I know I said this earlier in the month, but damn it I mean it. This used to be easier. What I should do when I get paid is take one last Costoco trip and get better at making and bringing my own lunches (& sodas) to work and what not. This will also help with #1 as well, as it worked so well in saving up to go to London in ’09.


There’s your assignment Mir now go forth and use some will power for cryin’ out loud!


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