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Weekend Update

Friday-Raye, Christine, Dorothy and I had a girls night. We went out to the Rendezvous for drinks, yam chips and a card game (don't remember what it was called but it was very similar to Apples to Apples and quite fun indeed. Afterwords, when Raye and I got back to the apartment, Astro called saying the he and James were nearby at The Men's Room and they had my favorite hat I left at their place back when we were setting up for Dorothy's party ages ago. I considered it a lost cause but it was right where I had left it in the dining room So happy to have my hat back. They hung around for a while drinking, and Arik and Marvin popped by and hung out a little while as well. Good times.

Saturday Andy came down and I went with him to look at some apartments. We went to one that was way down in South Seattle but the place was all right it was a cheap one bedroom with a deck for to smoke. While we were walking back to the office from looking at that place the other place in Lake City he had an appointment with called to say they rented the apartment so we took an application to the South Seattle place, went to go have lunch and fill it out and came back. unfortunitly, she rented that apartment while we were off filling out the application. LAME! With that disappointment, we went back to my place and lazed around for a while. That night I had tickets to see Trouble in Mind at SIFF. It was actually a double feature of Trouble in Mind and my favorite movie of all time The Moderns, but I just went for Trouble in Mind because a double feature seems like a LOT of time to have to sit in theater chairs. It was cool to see the movie and my city on screen as a I vaguely remember it back when we first moved out here. Afterwards we went out for drinks and headed back home where we had wine and chatted with Raye until the far too wee hours of the morning.

Sunday I got a call from my old dear friend Adam. It's been about six months since we last saw each other so we were due. He said he hear rumor I was dating someone and I was happy to report that I've been happily in love for the past for months, and that I got into Goldsmith's and will be going to London in September. I has happy to hear that he also had a lady friend and was taking a trip to Egypt and Greece, and leaving Monday morning , in fact. It's funny how much stuff can change in six month's time. When we last hung out it was before I started dating Andy (and still hadn't caled him back on account of my embarassment as to how the night we met ended up with an intervention-type situation he ended up in the middle of) In fact last time I saw Adam we were both really down on ourselves, walking around Greenlake and saying how maybe both of us were just not the kind of people who deserve to have good relationships. Now six months later we're both in really positive relationships, and living out our traveling dreams in the near future. Just a reminder to "always look on the bright side of life" I guess.  In the afternoon Andy and I went over to the ‘rents for a BBQ and the celebration of my dad’s b-day. I picked him up some Makers for his b-day and some tequila for margaritas. We all hung out on the deck chit chatting, nibbling on cheese and drinkin’. After dinner there was cake and I FINALLY got to see the two new Dr Who’s with Matt Smith. I like him, he’s cute, he might need to grow on me a little more. I’m digging Moffat’s writing (though I think Geronimo is a lame catch-phrase for the Doctor but ah well). I definitely like the hot redheaded Scottish companion. Hawt. I might have to get a telly liscence when I’m living in London to keep up on the series. Damn I’m a nerd. After leaving the ‘rent’s we hit up Charlies for a couple more drinks and talked into the night out and about so Raye could get some shut eye at the apartment.

With the exception of the apartment disappointment for Andy it was a really good weekend.



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Apr. 27th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
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