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I had a lovely weekend. Thursday Raye, Christine & Cory and I did Dine Out for Life at Piccora’s. I got to announce the good news that I had just received that Andy got the apartment he was looking at that evening in Queen Anne, in the area off Nickerson Street by the Ballard Bridge. Christine curved an evil and knowing smile, “Oh how convenient, right between your guy’s place an ours.”  Andy took me over to see the place on Friday when he came to pick me up. It’s cute, very ‘60’s and in that sense kinda reminiscent of our apartment building, especially with the wood paneling along the back wall. It’s also got a bit of a view. You can see the boats in Ballard from the breakfast nook window, and from the livingroom window you can see a bit of water between Queen Anne and Freemont. It’s also convenient for me because a) it’s not that far from my rents house so on Sundays I could go over to visit them straight from his place super easily and b) it’s totally a walkable distance for me to get to on my own say after work or something. Yeay! I’m helping him move in next weekend.


Friday night we stayed up north and went to a board game night with Dan & Kim and their neighbor Amber and her boyfriend over at this very sweet girl Andi’s place. I forget what the game was called but it was fun, it would be a good addition to the games we play for game nights. There was wine, food, and some apparently some sleeper knock you on your ass sangria. It didn’t really knock me on the ass the night of but it made me really lethargic on Saturday. Andy and I spent most of the morning, early afternoon Saturday in and watching movies.


Eventually on Saturday we loaded Sparky (Andy’s mini-pin) in the car and took him with us down to my place. He was a well behaved boy while he stayed with us. He liked the lovings he got from Raye and Raye, in turn, was tickled pink by his cute face, character and his silly antics. She misses having a dog. We took Raye over to show her Andy’s new place and met up with Christine and Cory to unload their old couch and love seat for Andy. Afterwards, we headed back to the Hill and got stuff together for Cathy & Sarah’s Margareta party. Naturally, that was a good time. Friends, tequila, snacky-poos. Sam & David came so I got to see my gay boy. But of course, as with any tequila themed night, it didn’t seem like such a stupid idea until the next day in which we all lied around the apartment going “uhhhhhh.”  We had a hangover day at the apartment, not really doing much but watching movies and relocating from one room in the apartment to another. My parents went to the M’s game that day so I was good to just lie around with Andy and Raye and not leave the apartment unless to procure caffeinated liquid.


The week ahead is going to be busy. I’ve got a big event at work, birthday parties, and helping Andy move next weekend. Weeee!!!!

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