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Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday and Friday were particularly stressful at work. There was our in service on Friday so on Thursday I worked over time to prepare for it, then went straight to work at the theatre. Friday was crazy busy and certain people at work were making me particularly irritable. So I was really looking forward to kickin’ back over the three day weekend. After work Friday, I walked over to Andy’s place. Upon arrival I was greeted with flowers and a Sparky that was super excited to see me. Andy made a yummy seafood dinner (halibut with a creamy dill sauce, garlic shrimp, asparagus, cocktail shrimp *edit: and MUSSELS!!) and we drank wine & watched movies.


Okay I started writing a through update but it’s too busy and I’m too distracted and it really wasn’t all that interesting. So instead, I’ll keep it to the highlights. It was actually a really laid back, domestic kind weekend for me, really.


-Bartended on Saturday night. Cathy & Doug came to see the show and Andy kept me company watching the door. We went out for a cigarette during the first act and noticed there was something going on for teenagers up at Haleo (the dance studio on the third floor) so there were all these youggins about, asking to trade twizzlers for cigarettes and that. There was this group of girls who were walking down Summit toward the theatre (looking for Haleo no doubt) one girl was whining, “I hate my life! I hate my life! I hate my life!” apparently because she stepped in dog shit. Then they realized that the Schmee was not Haleo and turned around heading back up Summit towards Pike, the girl while being too busy complaining about having stepped in dog stepped in the same dog shit on the way back! Omigod it was hilarious! The actors that were outside smoking to see it, Andy and I were cracking up.


-I signed up to play in the Schmee vs. Annex softball game this summer. It sounds like fun. I bought a softball glove (that’s got pink accents! *gush*) at Fred Myer on Sunday and once my dad finds my old glove, I can give it to Andy and I can practice. Hopefully I’m no longer the little kid that would duck from a pop fly.


- For time with the rents we went to the Firefly/Serenity trivia night that the Schmee was hosting for another company. It was harder than I thought it was going to be and we only ended up in the top bottom/low middle as far as scores go, but it doesn’t matter because it was still fun. Plus our team name “Eager Reevers” was the favorite (thank you, Andy) and earned us an extra point. It was fun. Now if it were a Dr Who trivia I’d kick ass but, alas, the people who put those on don’t know Doctor Who so I’ll never get my sweet victory I feel entitled to.


-Andy & I took Sparky to Discovery Park while it was nice on Monday. Not a big hike, just tromped through the meadow, to the bluff and around in the forest a little to the reflecting pond. Sparky barked at a duck and jumped around in the meadow. It was very cute. It was nice that we got to enjoy at least a little bit of nice weather over the weekend.


-Andy & I put together a microwave stand/small pantry on Monday. (I said it was a very domestic weekend). I love putting together furniture. I feel so proud of myself when I’m done. This was at just the right level of difficulty too, it required teamwork and a power tool. You know when you get furniture that is so damn easy it steals your pride of having made it when you’re done? Then on the other end, there’s furniture making where you’re missing parts, the instructions make no sense and piece don’t fit as they should and it just drives you so crazy you find yourself looking up flights to Sweeden to choke the bastards who designed this impossible furnishing? Yeah. This experience was perfectly in between these two extremes.


All and all it was just a very nice, laid back weekend with my sweetie.

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