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-This weekend the ghosts of former crushes were coming out of the woodwork. It started off on Friday when I was at the theatre setting up the bar when I got a very random text message from John that said “Let me in!” John, if you remember, was the custodial boy at work that I harbored a crush on for a while. Then when I hung out with him outside of work and told him I fancied him he ran away then things were weird for a while but things smoothed over and we became friends again until he decided to go live in the wilderness in Alaska. “Let me in?” Is he back? Was he trying to get into the building at work? Was it a mistext to the wrong person? I replied with “Huh?” and didn’t hear anything back. Weird. Then Saturday night, Raye, Andy & I were hanging out at the apartment drinking coasting through conversation on a heavy wine buzz when I got a phone call from the boy at the Schmee I was crushing on around this time last year. Remember the Battle of the Mirandas? That guy who I told I fancied but it was just too little too late because he was leaving for a trip to South America? Yeah well apparently he came back and he was at the Schmee, looking for me. I told him I didn’t work that night (it was like 12:30 anyway so I wouldn’t be there) and that I wasn’t coming to industry night on Monday, so I probably wouldn’t see him before he went back to the Bay Area. I made a point to say “I’m sure the other Miranda would love to see you.” So goes the dénouement to the Battle of the Mirandas story. I’m still happy I won last year but I’m happy now with Andy so I see no reason to fight back and I wish her well.


- Saturday I went to the Write-O-Rama, an all day writing workshop at The Hugo House. I thought it a) sounded like fun b) would get me back in the mindset of writing on demand for school c) get me reacquainted with a writing class again before going back to school. Of course the day I have planned to do this just also happens to be first really nice, sunny Saturday Seattle has had in weeks. Of course also the Hugo House is right across the street from Cal Anderson Park where all the hipsters have come out of their apartment caves, donned some colorful sundresses and shorts and sprawled out to sunbathe. I went to three classes then there was a lunch break and I got out in the sun and sat in the park and it was so over for me. I went back for one more class then had to get out of there and go enjoy the sun shine. I know, right. Way to show some work ethic and will power, Mir. Seriously though, in the last workshop I took after lunch and faced in the big windows the beautiful park, all I could write about was lying in the sun in Cal Anderson. I had to go. Luckily, I don’t think I wasted my money or anything going to those classes. I learned some new writing prompts that could prove helpful if I get stuck in a block while at school. I noticed a few things about myself or had forgotten about my writing style once back in a group of other writers who are diverse and very different from my approach. It was a useful four hours and even though I skipped the last two hours. Further on the writing front I asked Andy to take a look at my super rough draft of my London Essay and we spent a good hour together working on it. I took the criticism very well (though I was aware of how rough this draft was so I was aware it would need a lot of work). Plus he gave me a lot of really good suggestions and I’m really looking forward to working on it tonight for my Mir Night.


-Monday I went to go have lunch with Christine and when I went to pay for my sandwich and soda, I realized that my wallet wasn’t in my purse. I called Andy to check and see if it was in his apartment or his car or anywhere around. It wasn’t at work and I used my card at Walgreens before coming over to his place so it wasn’t at my apartment. He looked and looked but couldn’t find it. Walgreens in Ballard didn’t have it. It was gone. Andy told me to wait to the end of the day before cancelling my cards but after he searched his apartment, car, apartment building area, like three times I freaked out that it had seemingly completely disappeared. I went to the bank to make a deposit for work and while I was at it called the number to cancel my debit and credit cards. Seriously two minutes later, as I was filling out a withdraw form so I had some money, Andy called and said his neighbor had found it and just gave it to him. Do’ah! Actually I’m happy to have it back more than anything. Even if it is going to be a pain in the ass, at least my identity isn’t just out there somewhere. That’s a relief. Plus on the up side, I’m likely to spend far less money now that I actually have to go to a bank, fill out a form, stand in line and talk to a teller (which BofA charges me for incidentally). How did people live before debit cards?


-Finally, a few weeks ago I got a sopeana for that incident I witnessed back in April. That trial was scheduled for today and I was really dreading it. Luckily there was a plea bargain so I was off the hook and didn’t have to go in. Yeay! I’m not saying that, ya know, go justice system of people getting off for lesser charges but I really made a crap witness and there probably was not much of a case anyway.

-Oh yeah and got an e-mail from Goldsmiths. Can get the ball rolling on funding next week. Wee!

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