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Stuff & Things Update

Grad school: This week I finally got to electronically sign my student loan agreements. Really they should say on the website somewhere how insanely case sensitive it is, it might have saved me a week of angst. Ah well. It’s done now and I can move on. I’m still waiting for a couple things from the school before I can start my visa application, one of which is hearing back on my accommodation. I’m being naughty and looking at flights and it’s freaking me out. I’ve been told not to book a flight ‘till my visa is approved. However flights keep going up in price the longer I wait. It’s starting to get a little out of my price range. It might be cheaper to buy them now and take my chance and perhaps have to pay a fee if I have to change them than to wait ‘till the last minute and end up dropping a thousand on a one way ticket. The flight I was planning on taking (to London via a layover in Reykjavik) for $300something is already gone. It’s up to $500 already if I want to get in London at a decent hour to get to school and register, not show up in the middle of the night and have to find a hotel. I’m not sure what to do. Suggestions are more than welcome. On the plus side, I found that I have an extra week in Seattle. I don’t leave ‘till the weekend of the 24th not the 17th. Yeay an extra week with my friends!

Finally, I got an e-mail yesterday from the program issuing my summer reading. Ha ha, I didn’t even think about that coming up. Silly Mir. Now I’ve gotta go buy some used books but with Pride upon us I’m broke ‘till the first. Luckily I’ve already read & own two on the list and WikiSource has to two Henry James novellas I’ve printed out. Looks like I have an evening of sitting in the sun reading ahead of me. Ahh my first "homework" of going back to school Best enjoy it before it gets old.


In Other News: I had a great evening last night. I walked over to Andy’s after work in the beautiful sunshine. He made an excellent dinner of steak, lobster tail & veggies. We had some wine and watched our new guilty pleasure reality television show. I’ve found my summer filler show, You’re Cut Off. Andy and I kinda stumbled upon the first episode a couple weekends ago and we could watch it for hours, we were engrossed. They take a bunch of Princesses living off their parents or husbands money and they cut ‘em off, make them live together and make them cook, clean after themselves and work. Ahhh, it feeds my class animosity quite nicely. These bitches who haven’t had to lift a finger a day in their lives suddenly have how the rest of us survive and it amuses me. Some of them seem to be learning, others bitches are just plain cunts (sorry if you’re offended by that word but it is the most appropriate) who fall short of being anything close to a human being. Of course, naturally, they all go in thinking they’re going to be the Queen Bee so they’re cat fighting and being nasty all the time. Makes ANTM look tame. Anyway, great night, good food, awesome crap telly, cuddle time and more than making up for lost time over the weekend.

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